Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A finished quilt...

Some quilts are whipped up in an afternoon,
not very often, tis true, but it does happen.
And other quilts are started by one set of hands
and linger and wait until....

...finally it is finished by another set of hands!
This quilt top I brought a few years ago, maybe at an opshop
or maybe on Trademe, I can't remember.
It's sat and sat and sat waiting to be finished.

I decided it would be the first quilt to go on my new Juki machine
(more about that another time when we have it set up properly)
and so I squeezed it on and quilted the outside triangles.

The person who sewed it originally, made the centre diamonds bigger than the outside
triangles, so the thing doesn't lie flat,
but the applique was so beautifully done with little hand stitches
that I really wanted to finish it.

See the tiny stitches?? amazing.
It's an exercise in patience and perseverance.

I didn't make a great job of the quilting, it was my first go,
but I learned lots in the process. Then I hand quilted around the centres.

It makes the centre diamonds quite puffy and sorta looks like
it is supposed to be that way.

A red gingham back and a black binding and it is finally done,
many many years since it was begun.

It's not perfect but it is beautiful in it's own way.
I'm really happy with it.

Look at that, just goes to show it doesn't matter how long it takes,
it is the finishing of the project that is the important part.
I wish I knew who started it so they could see it now,
I hope they would think I've done it justice!!


  1. So exciting to see what you can do with your new machine! Great first job!

  2. If only quilts could talk! great going, learning & living, that's what it's all about.

  3. So awesome for you to be trying out your new machine. Very excited for you.

  4. It turned out really well! By the way, which Juki did you get? I'm saving for one now

  5. yay awesome to have a go on your new machine! and what a great looking quilt to have a try on! those teeny little stitches! Such patience!

  6. I've been thinking of you a lot recently with all the rains you've been getting. Just checking in to see how you all are doing and to let you know that I'm praying for you all!

    I love this quilt and the machine quilting you did looks lovely!!

  7. Yay. Always good to get a finish - love that first photo too with all the geraniums. Lovely dovely indeedy. So glad you stuck with it.


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