Saturday, March 8, 2014

A winter wardrobe for Annie

Annie has grown out of most of her warm clothes from last year,
so as I mentioned, I decided to make as much as I could.
I used this pattern from Ruby Jeans Closet and shortened it to top length 
and lengthened the sleeves to make a peasant top.

I embroidered the bird from an old book called Easy Embroidery
by Lis Paludan. I used multi coloured thread, so it's a rainbow bird.
 We were given a pair of jeans, so that will be handy on cold days.

How cute is this outfit?? adorable.

I knitted a hat last year from this pattern by Honeycakes on Felt
using two precious balls of Noro wool my sister gave me.
I finished a wrist warmer I started a year or two ago
and knitted another. It's from lovely merino wool. The scarf was $1 at the opshop.
All the outdoor woolies sorted.

She still fits this amazing coat from Lisa at BigLittle.
Lisa and I did a swap last year, I made a quilt and she made this beautiful coat.
It's more of a jacket this year but still a good fit.
It's made from wool blanket and lined with brushed cotton
and warm as toast.
I popped on two new buttons because we lost one last year.

She's wearing the pj pants I made, and some knitted slippers from the opshop.
They seem to have worked out well. I've been given a pattern,
so I'm going to knit some for Reuben too.

I've got some more things I made I'll photograph another time,
and she has lots of lovely knitting from Clare at Green Valley Crafts.
Clare and I have done a couple of swaps (quilts for knitting)
this is a milo, super useful on autumn days.

It's been so good making things for Annie from what we had here,
and a few trademe purchases. It's going to be lovely seeing her in mama made
most of the time! I'm so glad that I decided when Annie was tiny
to teach myself to sew making her clothes.
I'm definitely getting better at it


  1. My goodness, she is getting so big!

    How cold does it get during the winter in Christchurch?

  2. Oh Deb she is growing up as a beautiful girl and i love all the things you made for her. That coat that you swapped with a quilt is gorgeous

  3. So super special dressed in all those lovely mama and handmade clothes!

  4. So happy to hear her coat will fit for another season. :) Xx


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