Sunday, March 16, 2014

Celebrate the small stuff - St Patricks Day

Any day is a good day to turn a perfectly ordinary monday night dinner
into a happy celebration!

The children were keen to celebrate St Patricks day, and we thought why not?
A couple of green table cloths and a few other green bits and pieces
and the table looks amazing.

You gotta love green glass right? Right!
From a recent Eco Store trip.

It turned out we all had something green in our wardrobe to wear!
It was a simple simple celebration, 
and it was just nice to feel special for an hour or two!


  1. And looks like the sun was shining for your St Patrick's Day celebration! Fun!

  2. I adore you and your families attitude to life. Happy St Patrick's day to you.

  3. Oh wow I wish that we'd done it now! Perhaps we can do a belated one on the weekend.

  4. I know what is missing from the table !!! ME !!!
    Waving hello to you all xxx
    Love this photo

  5. Oh it looks so green and happy!! Hoorah for happy happy occasions xx

  6. You are awesome! Looks like fun.



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