Monday, April 21, 2014

A non-traditional quilt for someone we love...

I made this top last year when I was trying to find my way to do something
not all accurately pieced and put together.

It was a challenge I set myself and then I put it on the to-quilt pile.
One way and another that to-quilt pile is not moving (it's a long story)
but last week when I read on Facebook that someone I love and admire
is starting their own challenge to beat Cancer,
I knew this quilt was perfect for her.

It's bright and vibrant and breaks all the rules,
just like our friend Roz. She is a dear friend to lots of us
with the biggest heart that you can imagine.

She inspires us to look outside the square
and to make the very best of what is right in front of us.

I hope that as Roz embraces the challenge ahead,
that she remembers we are all cheering for her on the sidelines.
A quilt is more than just a warm blanket,
it is a hug from all those who love her.

Shenleigh, bless her, listened to my plea
and quickly quilted it with beautiful swirling feathers one afternoon,
a reminder that together we can fly.

If you are the praying type, let some prayers fly next week as Roz begins treatment.

We love you Roz to the moon and back.
Kia Kaha from all the people who love you in the blogosphere!