Sunday, April 6, 2014

Oh Annie!

This time five years ago, I was falling in love with Miss Annie-Rose,
from the minute I laid eyes on her, my heart was hers.
It feels extreme to say it, but it is true. 

Annie wanted Princess Bunting for her party.
I accidentally cut some wrong, but it ended up one of those fortuitous accidents
because the alternate shapes looks really lovely.

We had a couple of ideas from Pinterest, these bottles of Pixie Dust were a hit
(thanks to Trademe for the bottles)
and so cute they are, I want to make more!!

Typical simple party in our house. Two hours to bake a cake,
make cupcakes, sew the bunting and make a princess dress.
That has to be some kind of record.
Ugh, let's just put it out there, that my love for this child
is not related to the amount of time I spend on her party!!!!

Also another Pinterest idea was icing cupcakes, with individual plates
for the kids to decorate themselves. The kiddies loved it.

Five years ago I wondered how having this baby was a good idea,
but five years later, it's the best idea ever and I can't imagine our lives
without this child in our lives.

Happy Birthday Annie-Rose.
Best Idea Ever.


  1. Lovely!! happy birthday Annie x

  2. Looks like the best party ever! As long as the birthday girl was happy. I'm pleased you 'put it out' as you say, although my four kids have all left the nest, I do see many going over the top with parties & at a HUGE expense........starting at the age of one!

  3. What a super idea getting them to ice their own cupcakes. Great party - simple are best!!

  4. Happy birthday Annie. And Deb i love it when you talk about your deep love for her, so pure so real. Hugs from France. And she looks like a princess

  5. happy birthday precious girl xx

  6. what a delight and what a fun party this sounded like

  7. Happy Birthday beautiful Annie xxx

  8. Yay for happy birthday parties! Happy birthday big girl!

  9. I do so enjoy popping by your blog for your thoughtful words and colorful photos!

    I'm commenting with an odd question, though! My eye was caught by the little triangles of bread with the colored sprinkles on top. Where I live, we only use sprinkles on top of iced cookies and cakes. However, at the international grocery store I buy tins of them which show them on bread and I've always wondered about that. How do they stick to the bread, do you butter the bread? Also, is the bread toasted? Do you add anything else? They certainly look very pretty at the party!


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