Sunday, April 6, 2014

Risking your heart for love...

We gave this quilt to a friend of ours who got married yesterday.
It's the third one of these plus quilts that I've made and I like all of them.
It was lovely to see our friend looking beautiful,
and we wish her all the best after a lot of difficult years for her.
It made me think about love though.

Love is a risk.
There is so much potential for pain,
even if it's not a broken heart, disappointment and loneliness 
are heavy burdens to bear, and the risk of loving someone
is the risk that you will inevitably hurt each other at some point.

Love is a possibility.
The possibility of excitement and adventure,
the possibility of comfort and peace,
the possibility of second chances.

Love is pain.
Love is a decision.
Love means not keeping track of suffered wrongs.
It's not always fun to be the bigger person
and play above the line.

Love is joy.
Love is the little things, snuggling up to your love
at night, and stealing bites from their plate.
Love is finding car keys and lost wallets, over and over again.
Love is being there for the other person
and laughing with them.

This year I've been working through some old hurts,
and discovering that love is... loving yourself enough to admit you are worth loving.
Love is acknowledging that it is ok to protect your heart.
Love is shedding tears and not being ashamed.

Love is learning to love again even though it is scary.

We wish you all the love in the world Jocelyn xoxo


  1. this is a beautifully wrought and creatively stitched one...

  2. What a beautiful post, thanks so much xxx

  3. so so lovely Debs. Love is definitely hard work and painful many times over. The quilt is beautiful too :) xx

  4. How true! Such a massive part of our that is.
    Beautiful quilt, your quilting is lovely.

  5. You are amazing and beautiful and clever and generous. I love YOU. And this quilt. xx

  6. The sufferung makes the fruit and love so much more worth it. Gorgeous quilt and post xx

  7. I think the plus quilt might be favourite design.. really like it.

    What an amazing lovinly made gift. You are so kind.


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