Thursday, May 22, 2014

A quilt for Emily...

This week one of Chrissy's best friends in the whole world had a terrible car accident.
These kids have been friends since they were five
and are as close as close as could be.

Emily has been going through a really hard time before this happened
and we were devastated for her when we heard about the accident.
 I was wishing that I had time to make a quilt,
(I don't, haha) but then I remembered that I had sewn a jelly roll together
maybe a year ago and Shenleigh had quilted it.

So I just had to sew on the binding and Chrissy can give it to Emily.

It's backed with an old flannel sheet and it's light to go over her broken bones
but still be warm and cosy.

I remind myself again, that a gift given with love doesn't have to be fancy
or perfect (you can see some of the selvedges on some of the ends)
but it is enough that it is there when you need it.