Monday, May 12, 2014

Things I'm loving....

I may have mentioned here,
but it turns out that four papers at Uni is beyond crazy.
I feel like all I do is study (ask my nearest and dearest and they will agree).

I am loving this single bed I brought and put in Reuben's room as a day bed.
He loves it and it transformed the space for him.

I'm really loving the beautiful headband made by the talented Kristen,
it's so lovely and Annie-the-fussy child loves to wear it. Win.

I'm loving cups of hot tea in the morning while David goes for a run.

I'm loving yellow roses from my kiddies and a pink teapot from a friend.

I'm loving a sweet child snuggling in bed with me while I write.

I'm loving sneaking in some sewing time in the mornings.