Thursday, May 29, 2014

What I'm learning about life right now...

Sometimes life is so full of imperfection 
that eventually you have to stop and say, this is my life right now
and start to appreciate the beauty that is right there in front of you.

Like a bag of fresh organic veges from the co-op,
slightly more expensive that we wished, but right here, right now,
exactly what we need.

Or the fact that I don't have time to find some recipes 
for our very new steps learning to eat vegetarian food as a family
but I know enough (thanks to my dearest friend Wendy)
to be able to cook healthy delicious food for my family.

Not to focus on the dead flowers lingering in the vases
but to look at the bunch of fresh parsley on the bench.

Look past the clutter and debris of life on the dining table,
at the sweet child who is coming to uni with me today.

Look at the folded laundry on the sofa, 
and be glad that it is clean, dry and folded.
Putting it away is over-rated right??

Let go of the frustration of jobs not being done
and be thankful for the man who is scrubbing the burnt soup pot.

To learn to not feel overwhelmed by the work to do,
and just to let the process roll and go with that.

That's where I am right now, 
struggling with an essay that is too close to home,
 reminding me of what is broken in me,
but learning to be ok with those feelings
and not forgetting to appreciate what I do have.

That is what I'm learning about life right now.