Tuesday, June 24, 2014

So don't act like it's a bad thing to love me....

 Sorry about the unscheduled bloggy break,
the end of the semester really kicked my butt!!
I have three posts knocking around in  my head and so here's the first one.

The kids and I were driving to school the other day
and a Justin Timberlake song came on and Reuben turned it up,
he said "oh this is my favourite" so I decided to listen to the words.

"So don't act like it's a bad thing to fall in love with me,Cause you might muck around and find your dreams come true with meSpend all your time and your money just to find out that my love was freeSo don't act like it's a bad thing to fall in love with me, meIt's not a bad thing to fall in love with me, me"

And as I listened to him singing along with Justin Timberlake,
I felt the tears pricking at the back of my eyes,
this brave little boy singing "don't act like it's a bad thing to love me".

Anxiety in a kid doesn't necessarily look like just someone who worries,
it can look like a kid who is angry, or one who is defiant,
it can look like a kid who just doesn't want to leave the house,
and one who has a lot of fake complaints.

It can be hard to live with.

Last week Reuben went on camp for the week
and we missed him. You know how some salt in carmel makes it taste amazing,
or some chilli in the chocolate. It's the unexpected ingredient that makes 
the flavour explode in your mouth.

Reuben is like that unexpected flavour in our family.

As I listened to him singing, don't act like it's a bad thing to love me;
I realised that it's true, it's not a bad thing to love this kid,
in fact it's an amazingly good thing.

Loving Reuben is not always easy, but it is never a bad thing to love him.
I hope as he grows older he realises that even though loving him
means we drag him out the door and encourage him to be the best that he can be,
that our actions prove that it has never been a bad thing to love him.


  1. A touching post of a mothers love for her child.

  2. Ohhhhhh you made me cry xxx

  3. Crying..... Anxiety is tough :( and that's a understatement as you know. Wouldn't change my boy either as when he's calm he lights up my day :) xx

  4. beautiful post Deb. Am currently reading The 10pm Question - its a fiction book set in NZ I think you'd like it. x

  5. Such beautiful words and beautiful images for and of your boy, Deb. I shed a wee tear for the intensity of love expressed here xx

  6. Beautiful post. Parenting is hard some times, but they make it all worth it.

  7. *exhale*

    I hear you. Loving a child with anxiety isn't easy. But yes - certainly not a bad thing - a really good thing even. I know that it has taught me to be a better person.

  8. So lovely Deb. (And that's one of my favourite songs right now too!) The two photos of Reuben (one with Annie and one with his Dad) are just beautiful. I have an anxious little girl, and I'm just in the process of reading lots and trying to understand her better. Your perspective is, as always, a good one. xx

  9. Makes me think of my Levi. My only brown eyed baby amongst a sea (to him) of blue eyes. He always notices the little things and he is haaaaaaaaaard work a lot of days. He fights tooth and nail over petty little things but he has grown heart in a way most unexpected.

  10. Wow, I have one of those salt and chili kids so this post resonated big time. Looking forward to seeing you soon. If you have any free time I'd love to have you over, as well as see ya at the bloggy dinner xx


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