Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Searching for hope...

It seems the world is filled with terrible tragedies at the moment and
I doubt that many of us understand exactly why these wars are being fought
and even if we did, we are powerless to do anything about it.
I wanted to acknowledge in this space that the world is a sad place to be,
and it is ok to feel puzzled and frightened by the sad events around the globe.

This afternoon the children and I went into town with this quilt I have just finished.
We hung it on the fence where the door of the school used to be that Chrissy and James
attended up until the earthquakes took it all away.

These days my Twitter feed in the mornings is filled with stories of 
families being bombed in their homes and safe places
and it makes me angry that human beings will do this to each other.

Here in Christchurch we spent months and months
being shaken in our beds and as we lived our lives thousands of earthquakes,
and we know what it is like to live in a city where every single person is exhausted and sleep deprived.

It breaks my heart that people will inflict that on each other,
that their problems are so huge, that they feel the only way to deal with them is with
rockets and heavy artillery.

Even though we haven't lived through a war,
I know what effects long term stress and fear has on children;
and I wish with all my heart that this was not happening to children around the globe.

When I was thinking about writing this post,
I remembered that my friend Kate had also written a post about these things,

Kate says how we have no answers to these questions,
and there is nothing we can do to fix them.

Last semester I wrote an essay about the future of Sociology
in which I argued that we must have hope for a future for humanity.
I wrote that as humans we are designed to be part of something bigger than ourselves,
and as history tells us that we have adapted to change,
to believe humanity will keep changing, enabling us to live with hope and a future.

In the meantime. all I can do is love my family, love my neighbours,
look after my friends, pray for peace in the world today;
and maybe brighten the spaces I live in with colourful quilts!

I'm going to hold on to hope that humans can find a way
to live at peace with each other.


  1. What a beautiful post and quilt. It is all so sad and we do feel powerless to do anything.

    UNICEF are helping the children in Gaza. You can text "HELP" to 2923 to donate $3 or there are other options on their site...

  2. Your words & quilt are a ray of sunshine! I like to believe there is so many more good loving people in the world, then lost, angry & hurt people.Maybe I am wrong?
    keep shining your ray of light!

  3. once again sentiments I also feel expressed with love and grace xxx

  4. totally agree with all the sentiments you have so passionately expressed. Never ceases to amaze me that one country thinks that a 40 year military occupation, the infliction of daily deprivation on those who are occupied, and then the waging of all out war against civilians is an appropriate response to a national anxiety over border security. Can you imagine if France decided that was an appropriate strategy to use on Spain? Of course not. It would be insanity. Leaves me shaking my head. And as you say - there are so many sad things that happen over which we have no control, why oh why oh why would we CHOOSE to inflict pain and horror. AND I agree that we have to have hope for the future. We have to believe in love and hope and generosity. Cause if we don't, we have no reason to move forward. So I'm behind you Deb, waving the flag of love and hope with you. And that quilt is divine. I think Christchurch should commission you to decorate their bare lots with your quilts :-) There'd be an immediate increase in public morale, hope and cheeriness.

  5. Beautiful quilt and words xxxx

  6. I believe that hope, like faith, is an act of will. That said the world is (and always has been) a very scary place. I can not do anything directly to change anything, you cannot, none of the citizens of the world can. I believe that educating girls, will help to bring peace. Perhaps the women of the world can stop the madness, as the men only seem to make it worse! Keep the hope in your heart that someday, somehow the whole of earth will be at peace, I am.

  7. Yes, I agree with your sentiments. Your beautiful bright sunshine yellow Spiderweb Quilt certainly shines a light on the gloom and disaster all over the world. My husband and I were in Ch'ch four days before the Feb 22nd earthquake as we have a house near Kaiteriteri and we were on a tickey tour with four friends. Don't know how all you Ch'ch people have survived the fear and worry ever since. I have reblogged your post on my blog, hope that's OK with you.

  8. I don't understand how there can be so many people of good will on this earth yet we still have wars and destruction raining down. How do people get to this stage of needing to put their will on others, depersonalising those who are not the same, justifying killing them in the name of country or belief?
    This world is a precious, beautiful place, though I'm not always so sure about the humans living on it.

  9. I feel sad about the situation and unfortunately it might seem like it's just history repeating itself over and over again but if we speak out about it then we can a difference. We are holding protests in the city of Sydney today. This will make our world leaders know that we won't just stand by and accept terrorists doing this to innocent people. We will also pray because that is our powerful weapon as well. God bless. Love the quilt.

  10. Stunning quilt - seriously soul uplifting. David and I talked about some of these thinks and really...the mind boggles and the heart is sad... Love one another is all we can do. Beautifully expressed Deb xx

  11. Love that quilt big time.

    Yes. The world is a sad place to live in. I'm reminded of an old t-shirt my Mum wore lots and lots when I was a kid. It said "think globally, act locally" - in our own homes, our own streets and neighbourhoods there is meaness and cruelty - we can rise above it, turn the other cheek, respond with love... and probably that's the best we can do.


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