Sunday, August 17, 2014

A fairy tale [and a sugar skull quilt]

Once upon a time there were two beautiful girls.
One of these girls went searching for love,
and by the time she was 16 her arms and her heart were full of love,
in the form of a beautiful daughter.

Not everybody recognised that this was indeed love,
and they made harsh comments to the girl.

But as the girl grew along side her daughter,
she learned that love is a two-edged sword with pain.
Even so she kept on loving.

The other girl longed for acceptance.
She lived with a thousand rules, and she tried to keep them all.
She did everything she could to earn that acceptance,
but it was never enough.

The girl was broken, but alive
and gradually as she got older, she learned that to accept oneself
is the greatest thing she could do for herself and her children.

In the way of these things, the girls became women,
and their paths crossed.

They recognised in each other the scars that their pasts had given them,
and the hope that they could make a difference.

One day they met at McDonalds for lunch with a bunch of small children,
and they talked about this hope for the future.

They decided to study and learn how to help others,
they decided to support each other in the journey.

They laughed together at the possibility that the high-school drop out
and the person with the arranged marriage who grew up in a cult
could possibly be audacious enough to think they could get a degree.

The two girls are still on that journey.
Half way through their degrees. It turns out that they are smart.
The words thrown at them at the past are slowly falling off,
like rain drops on a window.

This quilt is for my dear friend Meg,
the one who searched for love.

She is brave and courageous and super smart.
I love you Meg.

Next year when we graduate together, we will laugh and cry together,
super thankful that the scars in our hearts have not kept us in the past.


  1. That is truly beautiful :) and so lovely that you have each other to support each other along the way...and the quilt looks fabulous with those striking fabrics!!

  2. Thats a lovely story Deb. Its wonderful how two strong amazing women have crossed paths and are spreading love and courage and joy. Go you and your friend xx

  3. You GO girls!! So glad to know you are both brave and courageous women who are making a difference not only for themselves but for others too. Gorgeous quilt.
    Anne xx

  4. Oh Deb such wise beautiful words! So proud of both you and Meg for choosing to overcome and choose your own'll both be great!!! xox

  5. Sounds like you have much in common and a true friendship has been brewing. Best wishes to you both.

  6. So glad that you both met in McDonalds that fateful day. I have only met Meg a couple of times but she filled the room with her laughter, beauty and intelligence. I told the two of you before you started that mature students rock and the pair of you have gone on to prove that. So proud of you both and glad that you have each other for support in your study.

  7. Ok so I couldn't wait till I got home to read it and now in standing in the kitchen at work teary eyed!!! I love you My Deb. That is all . Xxxxx

  8. Such lovely words and I'm glad that you are both getting to do what you need to without being held back

  9. and this is a part of the great story, the story where we cheer for each other and we realise we are capable of so much more than we have been lead to believe. We realise that in fact we have listened to a lie for too long and we throw it off and achieve the opposite. How wonderful you have been so instrumental for one another in this journey. I am so thrilled for you both - let no one belittle the tenacity, hard work, dedication, tears and self-exposing that this journey has been. You will have so much more than a degree in a years time. SO privileged to know you both xxxx

  10. So beautiful Deb....I guess you two where just late bloomers .....overlooked by many before it was your time to shine. In my experience, the one you have to wait a little longer to see, are always the most beautiful. I'm so glad you found each other xxxxx

  11. Yay you (guys)!
    Just goes to show the lies we are told as children can have lasting repercussions. It takes a lot of work to throw them off and become yourself.

  12. How wonderful, I was very moved by this story, and full of admiration for you both.

    As someone who dropped out, started married life and motherhood on the wrong foot, as it wear, and eventually realised my potential, I can attest to the hard uphill struggle it can be. Well done, enjoy your futures!

  13. Hurrah!

    Onwards and upwards for you both.


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