Friday, August 22, 2014

A quilt for Katrina

When our nephew and nieces turn 18 we give them a quilt for their birthdays
and this year it is Katrina's turn.

I wanted to make her a bright, happy quilt to suit her personality.

I've made quite a few windmill quilts now
because I love them so much.
I love the process of making them
and I love the contrast.

It's been amazing watching these kids grow up into beautiful young people.
Being an aunt is great - all care, no responsibility!

Actually I think this quilt is one that looks better in real life!!
We were taking these pictures as the sun was kinda disappearing.

It's been a week for finishing and giving away quilts,
such a nice feeling!!


  1. You are a lovely aunt! great quilt.

  2. You are really whipping those quilts out! This one is nice and bold, and what a lucky niece!

  3. Man you are a machine churning them out!! Lucky family members receiving such love-filled and gorgeous quilts xx

  4. What a beautiful quilt.
    I am sure it will bring much warmth and comfort to its new owner.

  5. the colours are absolutely stunning!!

  6. I want to be an aunt with all my heart and soul... but alas nothing has come of my wish yet... and an examination of the prospects looks disappointing.

    My children cousin-less and me niece and nephew-less. Totally sucks.

    If I had a niece I'd make her a beautiful quilt too.... and so many other things (because I'd have waited SO long for her to come into my life)


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