Thursday, August 28, 2014

Another quilt all finished...

I started this quilt months ago when I wanted to make a quilt
using only two fabrics and one simple block.

This is a pale grey sketch and a vibrant Kaffe floral
and an easy half square triangle.

My friend Kate and I sat one afternoon and worked out nine
separate layouts for the blocks.

The thing was that half way through this project I got bored with it,
and then when I had pieced the nine blocks I really didn't like it.
It almost disappeared to the bottom of the pile.

However you know how I think even ugly quilts keep you warm,
so I decided to add a border. I found the blue Prints Charming fabric
at Spotlight and it is matched perfectly.

And then of course I loved it again!
I'm actually stoked how this one turned out.
It's fresh and modern looking and quite different to what I usually do.

I really really wish I hadn't promised to give it away now!

The moral of the story is, sometimes you have to get to the end of the process
to see how it all fits together!!


  1. Really lovely! I tell myself almost every quilt that it can't be called ugly until it's completely finished! Great job!

  2. true - sometimes the worst process turns out the best results

  3. It's super! Love it and love how hst's can produce so many different results! Amazing how the ending of something changes everything that's gone before - life is funny like that xx

  4. Love that ! So fresh and bright. Well done.

  5. Looks magic! Such crispness and beauty against a rough sad background.

  6. It's amazing Deb it really is

  7. Love this story Debs, a redemption story xxx

  8. Great quilt. Love the variety of blocks and the two contrasting borders really complete it. So sad to see Christchurch still looking like a war zone. Don't think I can ever bear to visit it again.


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