Saturday, August 2, 2014

Confession: I am not talented

It's true. I am naturally good at things like eating chocolate and giving hugs.
I'm proficient at lying in bed and reading,
but there isn't much that I'm actually naturally talented at.


I really love practicing.
If there is something I want to be able to do,
I'm happy to practice and practice and practice.


I'm perfectly happy to make results of my practicing into things that people can use.
To be sure, I hope no one will look too closely,
and I hope they tuck their judgey spectacles away while they look,
but on the whole, all of the things I practice making get used.

I was not naturally talented at sewing, or piecing quilts
or quilting them. But I practice and practice and practice.
Just like when I started blogging in 2005,
I was terrible at writing and taking photos
but I've practiced and practiced and practiced
and now I'm ok.

It doesn't mean I always find it fun,
in fact practicing something can be as frustrating as can be,
but eventually it gets easier and the results get better
and that is very satisfying. 

This is the first proper quilt I've quilted on my Juki Swiftquilter
and it's as wonky as can be. But it's a nice big snuggly quilt
and if you overlook it's quilting quirks,
it will keep you warm on a cold night.

And I'll keep practicing and practicing and gradually get better!


  1. They say it takes ten thousand hours of practice to be expert at any given thing. That means the most of us are just practicing! So I say. . .practice on!

  2. Practicing is the best part I think Deb!! I think your quilt looks amazing!
    I am addicted to practicing spinning at the moment and its my therapy.. I'm improving my technique, but mostly I'm improving my well-being :)

  3. Oh Deb! We are hatched from the same warm cosy teapot! Such kindred spirits! I've just unpicked 8 out of 10 darts because my blouse didn't fit :-) but that's okay - dartless it still looks nice. And my quilting is wonky - I can't do any of those amazing things I see other folks do with their machines. As for knitting - don't look at the armholes. However! I have great confidence that these things will all continue to improve - as I know your quilting will - and meanwhile all my jumpers will have funny armholes, all my quilts will be quilted in the one style I can manage, and all my clothes will be "unique" rather than a true copy of the pattern. I'M WITH YOU GIRL!!!!!!!! And all our practices still look beautiful, convey the same love, and will do their job just fine!!! Love this post!

  4. We ALL do human, NOT perfect!
    When I teach machine quilting I say to my students they only way to get really good is to 'clip on your three "P's"...........Practice, practice & guess what more practice! I think you are doing great. I love how you photograph your quilts too, so moving in the re build of Christchurch.

  5. I tell myself I do beautiful not perfect. Giving yourself permission to do your best and love the outcome is such a liberation. Glad you're enjoying getting to know your new tool!

  6. Your commitment to practising as a way of life rather than just doing what is easy is something I find so inspiring about you xxx

  7. People look at my quilting and tell me how clever I am. They tell me "Oh I could never do that!" I look at my quilting and to be honest it is pretty sh one two if you get my drift. I do it because I enjoy it. Free motion quilting with the machine thundering away (my sewing machine is LOUD!) is fun, even if I'm crap at it. The quilt is still good, still useful even if the quilting is of variable quality. I'm practising and like you I'm getting a bit better. And getting better at things is tremendously satisfying. So is having a handsome new quilt to gift, even if it is a bit wonky here and there.

  8. What Leeanne said. We all do human not perfect! And we all have start somewhere and the only way to improve is to keep trying... Such is life in everything isnt it? lovely quilt and i hope you get to spend many a lovely hour practising and making xx

  9. What's a wonky quilt line between other quilters? Deb your quilts always blow me away with their SOUL and the quite obvious love that has been poured into every stitch. You can't learn that, or practice that. That is just who you are, and what you give to the quilting world. It was quite clear through your blog, and then when I met you, how gifted you are at giving love through quilts.

    And on another matter SNAP on the graffiti site for quilt photo taking! Your spot is magnificent - a beautiful place in the midst of such rubble and destructions. Unlike the place where I took photos today - ordered and just a bit of naughtiness in a very well behaved city!

  10. I have to disagree with you, Deb. Your quilts are amazing and take incredible talent. Whether it takes practice or it comes naturally is besides the point.
    My favourite artist, Emily Carr worked for years and years and never was really happy with her work. In fact, it frustrated her to no end. Today, her pieces are worth millions. She was one talented lady and so are you!

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  12. Talent only goes so far without practice and the will to improve in my experience. You also need to be doing something you enjoy at least a little or else you won't improve. I think you have a little talent, a lot of love and plenty of persistance!

  13. If you look at what you've created and it makes you smile then it's a success, there's a lot of over perfection in the world. Make room in your heart for the slightly imperfect

  14. (You are the most talented practiser I know, then)

  15. I love your quilt hugs Deb and I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder and anyone lucky enough to snuggle under a Blessed By Deb quilt is very blessed indeed.

  16. Its beautiful Deb! I can't wait to see what heights your quilting achieves with a bit of practise.

  17. I actually have the quilt you have made and I won in your giveaway long back right in my room with me! Its beautiful after all these years and still my favorite! No other quilt would go into my son's room! EVER! And I'm happy hat he loves it too! There are stains on it now but that just shows how much my little boy an me love your gorgeous quilt!!!

  18. I think someone who thinks she is perfect is not an interesting woman at all. I think real life is practising and growing.
    Hugs from France

  19. As I like to say around these parts "practice makes better" :)

  20. As I like to say around these parts "practice makes better" :)


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