Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Election time

It's nearly election time here in New Zealand
and it's difficult to decide who to vote for.
Really there just doesn't seem to be a compelling reason
to choose one side above another.
Maybe I'm missing something.
It's really hard for me to not want to vote for John Key though.
Let me tell you why.

On the 22 February 2011 after the earthquake,
after I had sat on the grass for hours and comforted hysterical children,
after I had dug my car out of liquification
and carried my mother in law down her drive to my car.
After I had found a route home
that didn't include cracks that I thought the car would fall down,
and after I found out that my children were actually still alive.

After I found a spot on the neighbour's lawn for the kiddies
and put nana in a comfy chair.
After all that, I walked down the street and into my house.
I opened the door to utter chaos.
The contents of the cupboards were on the floor,
furniture was upended,
the walls were cracked and dust and mess was everywhere.

I stood in the disaster and I finally started crying and swearing.
And at that point I thought, we are going to loose everything,
there is no way we can pull our business through this.
It's over. We won't make it.

However within the first two weeks,
John Key authorised for payments to be made to businesses,
it was a simple uncomplicated process
and we were able to pay our staff.
We received three payments and our business was saved from certain doom.

I understand that the Government has made a lot of decisions 
that are unpopular. I understand that a lot of people are hurting.
But I can't help but remember what they did for us and many like us,
making a quick decision that would protect the infrastructure of Christchurch,
without that, we would have lost a lot more businesses like ours,
and a lot more people would have been hurting.

It's hard to forget that.


  1. Nicely written friend. I feel the same. And am sitting on the fence for the first time ever. There are just some policies that Labour wants to bring in that SUCK for people who are hard working business and/or property owners. (read: Capital Tax policy) I said to James, we need two Governments, one to look after the top end, and the people who work really really hard and pay their taxes (and sometimes STILL struggle along) and one to look after the low end who also struggle, (but may or may not be working). - I realise both have people who work and people who don't but left and right just can't seem to meet in the middle and have a hug.... so hard.

  2. Ah politics, tricky one to mix into crafty circles but you have clearly articulated your thoughts in a way that won't polarise your readers.

  3. So glad you were able to receive some help and keep your heads above xx

  4. This is the first time ever I've not been sure. There are things National have done that I'm not happy about and some of their people are not ideal, but then that's the case with all the other parties too.
    I prefer some of the other party's policies, but the fact that they're promising so much without giving any indication of where the money is coming from concerns me.
    The governments payments at the time to the business I work for were appreciated by them too, they passed them on to the staff which they didn't have to do and we were all grateful.
    They have offered money to the Red Zone which technically they weren't required to do, they could have just left it with the insurance companies; not everyone is happy with what they got, but at least the offer was made.
    I will get off the fence before election day, but at least it's giving me time to think and to clarify my thoughts.

  5. I'm not a Kiwi but have a house in NZ and live there part of the year. My husband and I are John Key fans and had the privilege of hearing him give an election speech in Motueka before he won his first election. Think he talks a lot of sense and that he has done a lot for NZ. Obviously you have much more first hand knowledge than me but he sounds to have done a lot for you too.

  6. I'd forgotten about that, it was a great help to ease the financial strain. In fact it was so straightforward to get, I felt a little bad because I didn't need the whole amount, so I think I paid the extra back.

    The other thing I remember which I really needed was when he said we will rebuild Christchurch. It wasn't something that was a given, and I really needed to hear it. Between him and Bob Parker they did say those things that I needed to hear at such a difficult time.


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