Thursday, August 7, 2014

Love wins: xox

Last weekend we watched Forest Gump with Reuben
(don't worry we fast forwarded past the naughty parts)
it's a classic and we knew he would like it.

But I was struck by a piece in the movie where Jenny visits her
former home where she was abused and starts throwing rocks at the house.

After a while she stops and starts crying, and then Forest says,

"Sometimes there are just not enough rocks".

I've been thinking about this all week,
because I'm sure we all have situations in our lives where there are 
just not enough rocks. Places of hurt that causes sadness in our heart.

In the movie, it wasn't until after Jenny died that Forest bulldozed down the house
but Jenny had moved on long before that,
she rose above all her struggles and left the past behind,
in the end, although she was scarred by it, it didn't define her.

She found unconditional love just for who she was,
she didn't need the rocks.

While I was thinking about this, a book arrived in the post,
it's called "Beyond Neutrals" by a John Adams,
and I adapted on of the patterns in it to make this xox quilt,
because love is actually enough,
not love for the past, but to love yourself enough to accept you are who you are.

(by the way for quilty types, John's book is awesome,
with great patterns that even I could follow)

It was quite hard to photograph this quilt because it's mid winter here
and the light is terrible!! But I'm going to quilt it with a warm backing
and it will be a great reminder that, love wins!


  1. You know just how to express these sorts of things Deb - I think Jenny and her lack of stones will stick in my mind for a long long time now. Great quilt too - really awesome xx

  2. xx beautiful work on yourself, us and the quilt xx

  3. You have a magic way with words. I loved that movie.
    Have fun quilting this next quilt.

  4. I love how you took my block pattern and used it to express something meaningful to YOU. Such inspiration! Thank you.

  5. Sometimes there just aren't enough rocks - yup - !
    Love this quilt Deb

  6. Really? There are naughty bits in Forest Gump? ... I can't remember them. Time for a re-watch me thinks... maybe.

    You've been on fire lately finishing all these quilts!!! Love.


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