Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Paper pieced butterfly....

I tried paper piecing a few years ago and it was a traumatic experience
which put me off for a long time.
But my good friend Juliet is a paper piecing genius
and so I finally caved and asked Juliet to give me a lesson!

Luckily for me, Juliet is very patient and had a good technique
and in one morning I had pieced this 24" cushion top
for Annie's bed. And there were no tears and no need to resort to the 
dreaded unpicker!

I actually enjoyed seeing it all come together
and last night I quilted it onto a scrap of cotton batting.
This morning before school Annie and I put clean sheets on her bed
and made it nicely. Then I sewed an envelop backing onto the front
and hey presto! a lovely cushion for her bed.

I really like how all the oranges play so nicely together
and I like the low volume plaid I used for the background.

I actually had an incentive to do this,
because Juliet has just released a beautiful 30" bear pattern
that I really really want to do,
but of course I had to get over my fears of paper piecing first!

I love how Annie's bed looks with it's thrifted sheets and pillowslip
and it hand made bedding. It's so satisfying to make practical items
which say "I love you" for others!

It's also awesome to have tried again to do something which scares me
and it turned out to be not so scary after all!

Bring on the giant bear I say!


  1. Wohoo!!! Proud of you. You should link in to Leonie's show n tell. You are a legend - I'm way too scared to to go into the world of paper piecing!

  2. Such an enjoyable morning! All that I did was sit, drink coffee, chat and knit- you did all the hard work yourself! So proud of you!

  3. Well done you! Paper piecing can be a tad tricky. Has your friend taught you the trick of sewing straight onto a medium weight interfacing? You can leave it in. None of that nasty paper removal required.

    Cushion looks super, in fact the whole bedroom scene looks lovely.

  4. looks magic! Love the orange themed room too and all the lovely handmade with LOVE goodies.

  5. Vibrant and beautiful! Go you for doing it! Juliet is just the sweetest - what a great team you make ;) x

  6. Paper piecing scares me so I am in admiration

  7. This is lovely, good for you in giving it another try!

  8. Beautiful.... And good luck with the bear. The room looks lovely and cosy.

  9. Congratulations on your paper piecing. Never tried it - in the "too hard basket" along with Foundation piecing which I tried once and it nearly did my head in. I am very spatially unaware so seeing things back to front drive me crazy - I just can't see them. This afternoon I was wrestling with which way I drew letters onto fusible webbing so they didn't get turned into back-to-front ones on my applique! I know this sounds crazy to anyone who doesn't have the problem, I'm sure my Patchwork Group think " the lady doth protest too much"!

  10. Forgot to say how much I like the finished pillow and the bed looks gorgeous with its vintage bedding and lovely cheerful patchwork quilt. Even a patchwork tote hanging on the door handle! All says THIS IS HOME!

  11. Well done for mastering the paper piecing! Your butterfly is gorgeous and looks fantastic in your daughter's cosy creative bedroom.

  12. Oh I really adore this, Deb.

    And I read your commemoration post form yesterday and the quake. And I remember running to your site to check on you when I heard the news. And being glad you were safe. And still being glad that you are better than safe. You're wise. Still glad to be reading, -ginger.


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