Sunday, August 17, 2014

The "Sure to Rise" quilt

We have a lovely customer Rebecca, that we have done a lot of work for over the years.
They used to own the Convent in Lyttleton 
and David used to come home and tell me how amazing the house was.

The earthquake on 22 February 2011 destroyed their home
and they lost pretty much everything.

To make some money after they lost their business at the same time,
Rebecca started printing some tea-towels, 
with an iconic Christchurch "Sure to Rise" logo on it
for people to remember the earthquake.

David was given one of these tea towels
and I immediately decided that I wanted to make a quilt for them.

I cut up the tea towels (Rebecca gave me a few extras)
and added a lot of textural fabrics that were meaningful to me,
there are bricks and maps, graffiti and buildings.
The rectangles are 3.5 x 15".

Sometimes people are so brave in such trying situations
and I just wanted to acknowledge their courage.
They can never get back their treasures or their home and business,
but that hasn't stopped them from having an amazing attitude
and starting again.

There's lots of things that happen in this life that we really can't fix,
and the earthquakes definitely fitted into this category.

It was the unexpected nature of it, and the complete disruption that it has been
that is so difficult, oh and the long time its taking for things to get sorted.

This quilt is our way of saying to one family,
we acknowledge that things were truly awful for you,
and we respect you for how you have carried on.


  1. Such a lovely quilt and lovely sentiments as well!

  2. So much meaning in one quilt, and it's beautiful too.

  3. Such a bright colourful quilt Deb with a great message of love and attitude behind it xxxx I want to gift it to you xxxx

  4. Gorgeous Deb. Love the sure to rise.

  5. You always have such a beautiful way with words Deb...and as usual, a beautiful 'happy' quilt xxxx

  6. Great quilt with a lovely message and meaning behind it - you are a treasure and a trooper too xx

  7. Lovely work as usual Deb and a beautiful sentiment and caring behind it.

  8. Deb, this quilt is every bit as beautiful as you are for making it for me. Thank you so so much, you have no idea how touched I was to receive it. It will become a treasured family heirloom. xx

  9. People are amazing aren't they. The way they can pull all the shattered pieces together and keep going on.


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