Sunday, September 21, 2014

6000 Photographs

Today I posted photo number 6000 to Instagram.
I love taking photos, not just because I like taking pictures,
but I like telling stories.

My story is of a mum and a wife and a student
and someone who makes random stuff.

My story is about making fun with what you have,
and making life pretty.

My story is about finding the positive in difficult situations
while being real about how life is.

Yes Instagram is a happy place,
but a happy place is an attitude.
It's about finding colour in a day
that might otherwise just be grey.

My story is a work in progress.
Instagram is where I show the work happening,
both in my attitude to life and to the things I do.

So today I'm pretty happy to celebrate 6000 photos,
and I'm really looking forward to the next 6000.


  1. Wowsers! That's huge! Congrats on such a huge milestone! How wonderful to have such a happy space xx

  2. Holy smoke! That's a tone of photo's, glad it brings happiness to you.

  3. I agree about happy being an attitude, I absolutely agree and I am SO grateful I find it an easy attitude to possess x

  4. Wow, 6,000 pics! I'm a recent convert, though my flickr stream has a lot of pics and the hard disk has a whole lot more.
    Thank you for sharing them and your stories with us!

  5. "Finding colour in a grey day" sums up your attitude perfectly Deb! Congrats on 6000 photos AND over 1000 followers- that says a lot too!

  6. HOoray for 6000 wonderful, uplifting always, posts. Your IG is are inspiring. thanks for being a bright spot Deb


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