Thursday, September 25, 2014

[Planning for Christmas] #100moredays

My friend Melissa has issued a challenge,
there are #100moredays left in the year
and what are we going to do with them and how can we do more!

I can identify with this because it is just a few short weeks till the end of the semester
and then I'm having a hip replacement.
With time running out and the to-do list enormous,
I've been working hard to get all my jobs done, including Christmas.

Annie-Rose is going to get this sewing machine for Christmas
from my good friends at Needle & Nail.

She loves her scrap basket and now she will be able to "sew" too.
It is beautifully made and has moving parts which make it
seem real for a little girl. 

It's going to look super cute in her room too (bonus).

My sweet little nephew Knox is going to get this chainsaw for his birthday.
He was two yesterday but the poor wee man is sick
so he hasn't got it yet.

You can pull that handle like you are starting it.
Knox's daddy is a builder so I know he is going to love a tool like dad.

Reuben who is 12, really wanted one of these for Christmas,
and I thought, why not. He has a wooden gun that he made with a friend
and they have shared custody of it. They are going to LOVE this one.

It has a real scope (is that the word) but the simplicity of a well made toy.
I like that it is definitely a toy rifle, not a real one.
We are not really into guns, but they feature highly in the boy's games.
Who is going to knock imaginative play? not me for sure.

Roo wants this gun and a Tiny Eyes doll and books for Christmas.
I'm pretty sure there are not many 12 (nearly 13) year olds
with such a simple list. I'm happy to oblige.

Needle & Nail are a husband and wife team
with five homeschooled kiddies.
They are down to earth, salt of the earth, real kiwi types.
I love them.

Their toys are beautifully made and will stand the test of time.
They ship anywhere in the world through their Etsy store.

It's actually a good feeling to get some of these things sorted.
The big kids are getting tools and I need to find some books for Annie.
Any suggestions anyone??

I'm going to make zippered pouches for all the teachers
but I figure I can do that while I'm recuperating.
All in all Christmas presents are getting organised.
Another thing to cross off the list.

What's on your list? 
If you join in, don't forget to use the #100moredays hashtag


  1. The Milly Molly Mandy series is always good. The Cupcake Diaries series seems to be popular as does the Billie B Brown series by Sally Rippin too. I'm guessing you don't really want to get into the Rainbow Magic Fairy series, but then if it gets girls reading go for it. All the best for your hip replacement.

  2. Well done for getting organised :) We have a few N&N goodies stashed for Christmas too ;) I have a to-do and make list as long as my arm and am trying hard not to get overwhelmed... a few ticks a day will get us there right? Hope the rest of the semester goes well and you get everything sorted before the big day xx

  3. Books - that's my field right? :0) the Alfie and Annie- rose books are great, the giant jam sandwich, this is not my hat, lost and found.... So many more, maybe I'll do a blog post on them. The jolly postman is another one I think would really appeal x


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