Thursday, September 18, 2014

Raffle quilt for the Steiner school fair.

The Steiner school fair is coming up soon
and they asked me if I would make a quilt to raffle.
Of course I said yes! I used some low volume fabrics
and a handful of lovely scraps that Cat gave me.

The theme of the fair is woodlands,
and so Shenleigh quilted it with this pattern of swirls and leaves.
I used some of my favourite fabrics in here.
It makes for a very restful quilt that hopefully will 
appeal to a wide range of people. 

We are really enjoying Steiner school.
We've tried lots of different education options
over the last 16 years, and we learned early one that not all schools
are created equal!

But the structure and routine of the Steiner way
really suits our younger children,
and we hope that it will continue to be a place for then to grow
until they finish high school. 

To take these photos we popped down to see the last of the graffiti house 
before it all comes down. The whole house was covered in graffiti,
inside and out. It was amazing.

I just have to bind this one and it can go off to school.

Great to tick another job off the list.


  1. oh it's lovely, do let me know when the fair is on and I'll let Nom and Alex know I think they'd like it. x

  2. It's beautiful - I like the low volumeyness of it - definitely buying tickets!! XX

  3. Epic work Deb - I love how the concentration of Kat's coloured scraps is like the graffiti house - surrounded by grey and brown (low volume in a way)

  4. What a lovely donation to the school fair. So generous of you, and so beautiful xx

  5. So lovely and bound to make someone's heart sing and keep them cozy! Well done you xx


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