Saturday, September 27, 2014

#ScrappyQuilt Guest Post:: Sophie Slim

Oh hi there! 

You probably got excited like I do that Deb has put another blog post up, 
but sorry to disappoint! It's not Deb! Surprise!! 

It's Sophie here, from the blog Sophie Slim. I know Deb through blogging, 
but now I also live a few blocks away from her! 
I feel like I'm always popping over to Debs house to borrow or beg for something! 
Tea trolleys, ice cube trays, quilting cotton, advice - Deb is always ready to give. She is amazing!

She asked me today if I could write a wee post for her readers on the #ScrappyQuilt a-long
and I couldn't refuse!

I'm very new to quilting, I've made 1.5 quilts in my life time, all under the guidance and help of Deb! She even lent me her cutting mat, roller cutter and her box of pinky coloured fabric scraps, which sealed the deal that I would be joining in the scrappy quilt along

I've had so much fun cutting out my little squares of fabric to use. I've chosen lots of pinks, reds, oranges and purples, and for the blocks that will have the diamonds in them, I'll be doing a nice bright aqua colour (I think).

Whatever happens, this is going to be one big, colourful, absolutely crazy and beautiful quilt. 

As I sew, I can't help but wonder what each of these little fabrics were used for, and where the rest of them are today. I bet Deb could recall every single fabric I've used from her box of scraps.

I've just finished my second block and its so exciting to see all these little squares come together to actually make something. Something real, that will keep our family warm and happy.

If you're thinking of joining in the quilt-a-long there is still time! Grab some scraps and get cutting, it all comes together pretty quickly in little 5 minute slots that can be found throughout a day. 

And just for fun, my hubs made this sweet little video of me making up my first quilt block!

Pssst - I've also been using the hashtag #Debsquiltalong on IG, come and find me and join in the partay!
Thank you for having me on Deb's blog - it's been an honour to be her first ever guest poster!!
Love, Sophie xxx


  1. Go you and your fast growing pro skills! cant wait to see everyone's happy scrappy's! xx

  2. What a happy scrappy square! I love the fabrics you've used!


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