Monday, October 27, 2014

Groundhog day

So it is less than two weeks till I get my shiny new hip now
and I've pretty much finished my last essay.
I'm applying for an aegrotat pass for my final exam.
It is all coming together really. I can't wait to get my life back.

On Saturday I watched the movie Groundhog day,
I'm guessing I'm the last person on the planet to watch it.
It's a movie about an self-centred man, Phil Connors, who gets stuck on one day
which he lives over and over again.

I love the way that he tried to come to terms with his day
which he lived over and over again.
At first he went a bit crazy, broke the law,
had mad sex and did whatever he liked.

But then as time went on, Phil realised that he could change his responses,
and he tried to win the girl he loved by being the perfect self-centred man.
He tried over and over and never succeeded.
He learned give the correct answers by rote
but he didn't really change his self-centred attitude to life.

But then he started using his time to learn new skills,
as he lived his day over and over, he learned about the people around him,
he learned to play the piano, he learned how to be a good friend.
He learned to genuinely care.

I'm sure you have all seen the movie, so you will know how it ends,
with a man who has learned to be human and to love others just because he can.
It's great. And it's kind of quite topical for me too.

Currently I'm living groundhog day.
It's the same day after day.
I study, I sew. 
I spend a load of time in bed when my hips get too sore to walk.
I'm either at Uni or at home and not much else.

I hope that I can be like the Phil in the movie,
using my time wisely. It's true that I've read books for my essay that I would not
usually have made the time to read. 
I've made myself the challenge to make all the quilts in John's book.

But it is more than that, I hope that as I live my days over and over again,
that I don't forget the lessons I'm learning through pain 
and through spending hours quietly by myself.

I'm learning to enjoy life through the eyes of others
and to listen to their stories and to enjoy them.

As a wise old man said once....

“Returning and resting is what will save you;
calmness and confidence will make you strong"


  1. It may be an oldie, but what a goodie! And you're so right about how it's message applies to us everyday. Thank you for giving me this inspiration - it shall set me on my path today. Wishing you a comfortable day with lots of love, beautiful fabric, and as little pain as possible. Can't wait for your surgery - will be liberating!

  2. I have not seen it! But it's one I do want to see. So excited for you and your new hip! In the meantime you haven't stopped being inspirational with every day you've counted down xxx

  3. I have never seen the movies either. I hope the next two weeks go quickly for you. I think you are amazing with how you cope with everything going on in your life.

    Kia kaha Deb.

  4. I think I saw it years ago, but it is foggy in my are many other things! Take care and good luck with your shiny new hip!

  5. It's a really nice little movie and one I've watched quite a few times. It's definitely a good message I think.
    Hope all goes smoothly with the new hip, from what I've seen you'll get a new lease on life once the healing process is done.

  6. The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. I think this is attributed to Alfred Einstein, and it's the motto I try to remember when I feel frustrated and stuck in life. Good luck with Le hip!

  7. i haven't seen it, but I love you x

  8. Deb, you have already learned the lessons Phil had to learn before he could move on, if you ever had to learn them.
    And soon you will only have to deal with post-op/rehab pain. That will be a relief!

  9. Thank you for yet another beautiful post. Xxxx

  10. I saw it years ago and it was a great film. About time to watch it again, I think. Have you ever seen the film Pay it forward? Wonderful film with a great message, one I try to live by. I think it is how you look at life too. Good luck with the hip operation. I am sure you will be so relieved to be pain free. Well done with getting through the days productively, coping with your pain, study and sewing.


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