Monday, October 20, 2014

Life is hard, choose joy anyway...

When I write in this space, I never really think about anyone reading it;
I just write because the words buzz around in my head,
getting increasingly noisy like bees about to swarm
and I just have to write them down.

There is no rhyme or reason, there is no plan, there is no agenda here,
just me and my laptop, quietly writing.

You could argue that I am writing for you, 
because otherwise I would write a journal.
But the thing is you can add pictures and hyperlinks to a blog
and sometimes people read it and give you feedback.

It is interactive and I like it that too.
But at the time I sit and write, it is just because the words in my head
have got too loud.

It hasn't always been like this for me, 
when I first started I just wanted to see if I could still think.
And then I guess I wanted to keep a record of things that I made.
But gradually the words have become the important thing
as I have learned to organise them and get them down.

The Internet is a funny place, full of people talking and showing off
bits of their lives. If you spend time on the Internet, it is easy to think
that everyone else has a better/more interesting life than you.

It's easy to feel your nobody status on the Internet,
because all the cool kids are doing all the cool stuff and you can feel left out.

These feelings are not a new thing to any of us just because of the Internet. 
There has always been things for us to be envious of.
Here's an example for me (being honest here). 
My baby sister is a better mother than I will ever be,
I look at her in wonder at the charming way she manages parenthood.
She does it with a grace and charm, I will never achieve.

I have a choice, I could choose to be jealous
or I can choose to enjoy watching her be an amazing mum.

If I choose jealousy, I will hurt myself,
If I choose to enjoy, I open my heart to the opportunity for joy.

It's the same thing with the Internet.
We can choose to be jealous, letting bitterness creep into our hearts
because we are not one of the cool kids.

Or we can choose to enjoy the bits that people share of their lives,
understanding that it is not the whole story,
but just the bits they are sharing with us
and we can be glad for them for the good things they are enjoying.

I'm not saying this is easy. It can be big things, 
like for me when twice a year all the cool kids go off to the US
for Quilt Market and it is hard not to be eaten up with jealousy.
Or it can be little things like someone who gets to go out for dinner
and post a picture on Instagram when you are screaming at your own kids
to "go off to bed right now why don't you".

Yes the Internet is a big place and it's easy to get lost in there.
But the thing is, it's not reality.
The only person who can make you feel bad is you.
You get to choose whether to be content with where you are at,
or you can choose to look around you and be eaten up with envy
at those who you perceive are better off than you.

The reality is, everyone is walking their own journey
and nobody has a completely charmed path.
All of us go through good times and then some completely shitty times.

Life is hard, choose joy anyway.


  1. Honestly Deb... I love coming here and reading this. THIS!! This is what i feel and believe and cannot for love nor money put as beautifully as you! THIS! This is not the whole picture, choose joy!!! We are all different, and its just the best thing! Choose joy! LOVE! Love your space, love your words, lots of love to you xxx

  2. I love reading your posts Deb. Thanks for sharing bits of yourself here.

  3. Deb, your posts have always impressed me with the honest emotion you show, you may be writing for yourself, but there are quite a few people who find it refreshing and feel a connection to your thoughts. Thank you.

  4. Incredibly well said. Sometimes it's incredibly nice to know that our thoughts echo others thoughts even if we aren't eloquent enough to put those thoughts into words. Well done.

  5. I'm so glad you share your thoughts through your blog, as they are always insightful and more than often a pick me up for all that read it. I am still learning to be content with what I have chosen and have been given and for me the hard part is learning not to be influenced by the feelings of others around me. I'm trying to stay true to myself x Be Content! A great mantra!

  6. Precisely. I have to remind dh of this often. What you see on the net and what happens in real life are so often not the same. That perfect kitchen? Only that one bench is clean. That perfect child isn't. Choose joy, not envy.

  7. Very true words Deb. This is a thought I've been reflecting upon a lot lately. x

  8. Such a wonderfully honest post. Yes, I too feel envy at some of the houses, fabric stashes, lives I see in blogland. But then I remember that I generally only show the pretty things in my life on mine too, do you really want to see my worn out holey carpet, my curtains that are probably 20 years old. I browse blogs for an escape from my life, the day to day chores, and I guess others write theirs for the same reason. Yes life is hard, I need to remember to choose joy.

  9. Awesome post, along similar lines as my recent post albeit written beautifully and with less sarcasm ; ) xx

  10. Deb I love your blog, I love your writing to me you are SO cool!

  11. Thank you Deb. You have a way with words, often some of what I think myself. Are we not all guilty of wishing we had what so and so has?? I know there is only one thing in life we have control of, that is our attitude. Sometimes our own attitudes and inner thoughts are not something we are proud of, but with self observation we can change!
    Happy is the wee dog I see each morning while out walking, I think if every person on this planet was as happy and delighted with life and all it has what a magical world this would be! Love and be joyful for what you have and I will do the same!

  12. You've said it in one Deb. Thanks for verbalising what many of us think.
    Anne xx

  13. wonderfully put. And old saying: the grass is always greener on the other side, UNTIL YOU GET THERE!


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