Wednesday, October 8, 2014

#makingallthequilts #beyondneutral

I often used to wonder why people took on outrageous challenges,
like walking from one end of the country to the other,
or running all the marathons.

But in the last few weeks I've decided to do a challenge of my own.
A completely selfish, fun challenge, for no reason except that I want to.

I can be a bit too serious about life,
and sometimes I get a bit bogged down with the things I want to achieve
and forget to have fun along the way.

(This is why its a good thing that I'm married to the man of fun himself,
David, who will never ever forget to have fun!!)

Anyway, I have mentioned here that I'm having surgery in November
for a shiny new hip. And basically I can't wait.
In the meantime however, there is the dealing with the pain.
And the pain has got kinda bad.

However I'm fairly easily distracted (how do you think I ended up with four children?)
and a bit of mindless sewing is the best distraction I know.
Plus if you really can't walk, you can always sit and sew!

So anyway, as you know I made a quilt from QuiltDad's book,
and then I planned a couple more,
and then I made a couple more.

And then I thought actually I want to make about six of them.
And so I planned those.

But now I have decided to make all the quilts.
Yes that is right. I probably won't get them all done before November 10,
but I'm definitely going to have a good try
and I'll finish the last ones when I get better. 

I've discovered that there is something super cool about 
setting yourself a BHAG,
it gives you a reason to get up in the morning
it helps you to put aside the things that are driving you crazy
and achieve something.

I realise this is not helping with world peace
or any kind of lofty goal like that,
but it is keeping a smile on my face
and my brain humming with ideas
and trust me, right now this feels like a very good thing!

Here's a little Storify I made of my challenge....


  1. I bought the book after seeing all your fabulous creations on IG. You are amazing with how quickly you are whipping them up. I haven't even started one yet. So much colour and exuberance too. I guess November can't roll on quick enough for you.
    Looking forward to your next quilt.

  2. Love you Deb - I do wonder how many have brought the book because if you - I know I did !!! This mornings creation I love so much xxx

  3. Deb! Stop it!! you make me want to drop everything and get onto making some of these quilts!! Love big fun goals - nothing like a fun finish line to keep the brain occupied in a good way :) xxx

  4. Definitely sewing, especially patchwork, is the best therapy! When I was undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy and Herceptin infusions three years ago I made a series of baby quilt sized tops, all from scraps, each one different. The creativity took my mind off appointments, medication, how I was feeling etc and I know that's what got me through that very difficult year and a half.

  5. Go for it!! Why not? If it helps you cope in some small way, then do it I say!

  6. What better way to distract yourself than with lots of fun, colourful things! Only problem is you will be needing more stash!
    I'm pretty sure that whilst these quilts may not change the world, they will find good homes and will make someone(s) happy!

  7. Good luck with your challenge Deb & I hope all goes well with getting your shiny new hip :)


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