Thursday, October 23, 2014

Take one quilt pattern, make three blocks and......

So you brought the book (I know loads of you have!)
and you want to make something but you don't have time to make a quilt
or you don't have money to buy the fabric
or there's just too much and you don't know where to start??

Well make a Half Moon Bay table runner!

I was given this little pile of Christmas fabric, 
all shapes and sizes and I worked out it would be perfect for this project.
You don't have to make it Christmas,
it's just that I had this pile and didn't know what to do with it.

I didn't have enough of the spot, 
so I cut my squares from the small piece of red that I had
and it turned out to be a happy accident
because it gives a whole new look to the pattern.

See? it's different but it works.
Anyway just use what you have - four fat quarters
and half a metre/yard of yardage and you should be fine.

I didn't have enough of the spot for the long sides either,
so I got this teeny star fabric. Lucky I like a scrappy look
and I really like using what I have!

Look at that, perfect for our table.
It's not following the pattern exactly
and it's using what I had, but it doesn't matter in the scheme of things
because it makes our table look bright and cheerful.

It was hard not to take a million photos!!
I think these would make awesome gifts
and with the end of the school year fast approaching (in the southern hemisphere)
I'm pretty sure they would make great teacher gifts too.

But wait there's more...

If you take a vintage pillowcase and some leftover yardage,
you can make just one block and make a lovely centrepiece.

Yes you can! and you can quilt it in an evening
because I did last night while I watched the sun go down.

I used just two fabrics but of course you can use as many as you like,
in fact while I was lying in bed this morning
I was plotting to make one from scrappy 2/12" squares.

See same pattern, completely different look.

Really wanted to take another 100 photos of this because it looks so good.
It's so quick, you can make one while you ponder what else to make from the book.

I have plans for more things. Yes I do.
You gotta love a book that inspires you to make more stuff
with what you have lying about, isn't that right?

Who is going to make one of these this weekend?


  1. That table runner is gorgeous! So pretty and festive! And some yellow sunshine is instant hapoy :). Love it! I am desperate for some time to start on fox river and pacific crest.... Patience is a virtue right? Xx

  2. Oooh, I love both of your creations! And those flowers on the placement look so pretty, too!

  3. thank you for sharing this post...look nice


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