Saturday, November 1, 2014

For better or worse....

Today Chrissy and I went to a fun and beautiful wedding
or our friends Abby and Manpreet.

It was a lovely mix of Kiwi tradition with some Indian spice!
It ran like clockwork but it was full of laughs.
It was perfect.

There is lots of talk at weddings about give and take,
and about not keeping track of wrongs
and about being partners.

There's lots of talk about finding the right person to love
and wanting to be with them for the rest of your life.

I guess I'm not really an expert on the whole falling in love,
hearts and flowers stuff really,
but I have been loving the same man for over 22 years.
I guess the thing that I think being married to someone is....

That you have to be more determined to stay together
than to be apart.

This means that when they annoy the s*** out of you
and you just want to dig one of those shallow graves in the backyard;
being married means you promise to love the other person through all of that.

Being married isn't all hearts and flowers
(though how cute it is to go to a wedding full of that, amazing!)
being married is being too stubborn to give up on the other person.

That's what love is.
Never giving up on your mate,
and never stopping from wanting them in your life.
No matter what.


  1. Yes! This!
    I chose to marry my husband. Some days I just want to throttle him. I'm sure he has days like that with me too. And then we get our acts in gear again and it's good :-)

  2. Wanting it to succeed makes all the difference I agree. My David is the only person I've ever been with but without him, love and Grace, things would be very different today. Love and weddings are wonderful things - such a lovely post Deb xx


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