Thursday, November 6, 2014

A memo to myself about: Good Intentions....

A couple of days ago I was going out our door when I noticed this.
A bee on a plate with a glass on top.
I imagine a small child "rescued" him from buzzing against a window somewhere
and fully intended to set him free,
but then got sidetracked, maybe by a toilet stop
or maybe by a friend arriving and put said bee down and completely forgot.

Leaving the bee to sit, ironically on the pile of good intentions 
by our door (things we fully intend to give back to people), 
buzzing futilely against the glass until it died.

It did not help the bee to think that the small child
fully intended to come back and set them free,
or that they got sidetracked by something really really important.
It died anyway.

That's the thing about good intentions.
They suck.
On the other hand, even small amounts of action can make a difference.
See this pompom Annie is wearing,
she worked away at it for nearly two years in handwork.
Every week or two on a Thursday
she wound another wee piece of wool around the pompom
until finally the thing was finished.

Her good intentions did not finish the pompom,
but her actions did.

I've left the bee by the door for a while,
to remind me that good intentions help no one,
but even the smallest action can encourage someone else.

As a wise man once said...

"Children, let us love not with words and talk, but with actions and in reality!"


  1. Well I can see my containers by the door, so I had better visit and get them back so I can return with more baking after the op!


  2. The sentence "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" popped into my head when I read your blog so I looked it up and of course it is from the Bible. Good to remind ourselves occasionally that actually carrying out the intentions is important, not just letting them stay in your head. However, I think you are very good at carrying out your intentions - look at all those quilts you have gifted to people as a concrete message of your love and care for them as they go through a difficult time in their life. Good luck with the operation, I'll be thinking of you from 14,000 miles away.

  3. This post really rang true with me, I have been home recovering from surgery and every day think of all the people I want to thank for their help etc, but as yet I haven't got around to it! You just gave me the push I need.
    Good luck with your surgery also.

  4. I fear I will be going to hell, though I am trying harder to follow through with my good intentions!
    LOL at Sophie's comment.
    Good luck! Will be thinking of you.

  5. A great and timely reminder - thanks Deb xx


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