Sunday, December 21, 2014


I'm sure you will have all read or heard about the events in a cafe in Sydney,
where a sad, mad man made a bunch of bad choices
and two innocent people died.
It's one of those things that are just two close to home,
and you feel powerless to do anything to help.

Except that a quilter in Sydney has decided that there is something we can do.
He's going to make a quilt with blocks that we all send in.
You can read his post here and more details here. 

My wee sewing machine is in the process of dying
but I decided that I would coax a few blocks out of it for this project.
It's a crazy busy time of the year but I really didn't want to miss out
on doing my bit to make a difference for these families.

I started off great and got a bunch of blocks underway.
My poor wee machine is not sewing perfectly,
but I'm hoping they will pass the Molli Sparkles test.

I sewed them all up with great enthusiasm,
picturing a nice pile of little yellow hashtags (my favourite)
but then when I sewed the last one with a flourish,
I realised that my tired brain had made a mistake
and instead of hashtags, I had dashes.

At this point I felt like giving up.
But no I was determined to send some blocks.
The final offering of three puny blocks is done.
There is time before the deadline,
maybe I can make some more after we come back from our camping holiday.

Anyway these are easy to make (if you follow the instructions)
so if you want to contribute to the quilt,
pop along to Molli Sparkles blog and get the details.


  1. you know what Deb this is what i love about you - with a broken sewing machine there is still always room in the inn - you have such a beautiful good news kind of heart xxx

  2. I love the way people come together like this - there is kindness in the world !!! Can't wait to see you xxx

  3. Open warm hearts is what really helps, such thoughtfulness and kindness do help people, you are a treasure.

  4. Molli is going to get so many blocks! His instagram had lots of parcels coming in... I might get a chance to get some done soon.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas, hope the hip is coming along well.

  5. Oh I must get back to making some - I haven't progressed beyond cutting out the fabric. I like your dashes! Merry Christmas to you.

  6. Thanks Deb, I just made some blocks!

  7. Oh Deb - your machine is just like my old one. My mum & dad gave it to me for Christmas when I was 12. It had been my mums for as long as I could remember before that - it would be close to 40 years old now. No wonder yours is dying. I often think about how many miles if fabric my machines have seen (I have made drapes for all the houses we have lived in). Perhaps your machine is my old one - I like to think it is :-)


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