Monday, December 29, 2014

What I can promise my child for 2015...

Yesterday when we woke it was raining, so we all went off to the movies. The girls and I went to watch Paddington because we thought Annie would like it. The movie started and the story begun; but we had hardly made a dent in our popcorn when right before our eyes, Paddington and his Aunt and Uncle were involved in an earthquake.

I sat there frozen in my seat as we watched their home being destroyed and I could feel Annie rigid beside me. I couldn't do anything as the Uncle bear died and they lost their home. As Chrissy said in my ear, well that got sad really fast.

The movie is well done and the story ends beautifully but for a Christchurch child who only knows that the ground shakes and the buildings come down, it was a bit hard to swallow. 

Annie needed lots of cuddles and talked to me about how it made her feel and how she remembered the wobbles and the books falling down.

You can't tell a child whose lives through 1000s of aftershocks that it's just a movie, because they know it's true. The ground does shake and the stuff does fall.

But then no parent can ever promise that nothing will go wrong, or that they will always be there. Life isn't like that. I can promise my child i will always love them and if they come to me sad or in trouble, I will hold them close and help them find a solution for their troubles.

However I can teach my children to be strong and independent, I can teach them to face their fears and to be a problem solver. Life is never going to  be smooth sailing, but I believe giving my child skills to deal with challenges is my job as a parent and the best way to prepare them for the future.

The movie has a message that the ones we love are our family, I hope my kids will always be surrounded by people who love them and who they love and feel safe with. Part of my job as a parent is to build a community for my children that they can be part of, of people they know and trust and are able to ask for help if they need it.

Reflecting on the movie it made me realise that right now, it's summer where we are, long days filled with sunshine and plenty of time to be together. Time to enjoy each other's company and be grateful for the good times. There is never a good time to worry about the future, but there is always a good time to build some good memories of fun times.

Nobody can promise their children that 2015 will be nothing but smooth sailing. But we can make the most of where we are right now, knowing that we have lived through the hardest of times and survived, and that whatever life throws at us, if we stick together, we will get through. If you love someone, they are your family, and that is the important thing.


  1. Oh dear that must have been a hard scene in the movie to watch.
    Lovely to have another thought provoking post from you, I always enjoy them so.

  2. Wow that movie must have created some concerns for your daughter...I agree with what you say...we can provide the back up and support and give them the skills to cope in life. I really enjoyed your post. Have a great holiday.

  3. Someone to hold, someone to love and care. So precious. Lovely post xx


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