Saturday, January 10, 2015

Embracing Imperfection....

I got this camera for Christmas and one packet of 10 film things to use in it,
I made a sweet as bag to keep it in and then I couldn't quite find the right occasion to use it.
Finally on the last day of our holiday I pulled it out
and decided to take 10 pictures that reflected on our time in the sunshine.

On the whole we had a great holiday. 
We were all together for Christmas which was lovely
and then we enjoyed amazing amazing weather
and did lots of fun family things.

I didn't realise that the camera reset each time you turn it off,
so I ended up with three dud photos.
Which is fine really as we had a few crappy days on holiday too,
so they still reflect our time away.
Annie got the worst dose of chicken pox I'd seen in a little kid,
and then one morning she had a seizure and we had to drag her off to the hospital.
Another time she passed out on the beach,
oh and Reuben (not to be outdone) got a fishhook in his finger.
It's all fun and games in the Robertson tent I tell you.

I wasn't completely idle while we were camping.
I finished hand quilting two quilts while I was away
(they both just needed a little to finish them)
and sewed all the leaves on my whirlygig quilt.
I cut this thing out maybe three years ago, I can't remember
and its been waiting for me to finally get it done.

Sadly I cut it out before I learned all the things I learned about colour
and contrast last year when I made all the quilts from Beyond Neutral.
It's so busy and confusing but I learned lots about needle turn applique while I did it,
plus, you know... wonky quilts still keep you warm
so I'm going to finish it. It's not perfect but it will still function as a quilt.

This year I want to try and embrace the imperfection in my life,
to not be frustrated by it or to run from it,
but just acknowledge that it's part of life.

Just like our holiday, my instasnaps and the quilt I'm working on,
in my parenting, my work and my relationships,
 none of it is perfect but I'm working on being ok with that 
rather than trying to fix all the stuff.

This is my goal for 2015, not the loftiest I admit,
but right now, that's where I am at.
Embracing imperfection.


  1. I think you inspire people daily to do just that in their own lives by painting your own life in such an honest and beautiful way. You never feel false or full of pretence you simply with grace and humour present who you are - and who you are is beautiful and inspiring and imperfect in all the loveliest of ways xxx

  2. I received the same camera for Christmas too. I like your holiday snaps and quilt. It's a great attitude to have about embracing the imperfection, accepting and realising we are on journeys and we are where we need to be right now is a lesson in itself. All the best for this year may it be a joyous one.

  3. I hope Annie is recovering well.
    If I didn't embrace imperfection, I'd never finish a quilt or get anything done. I am a recovering perfectionist - I'd get stymied by things not being exactly how I wanted them to be but these days I realise good enough will have to do, and wonder of wonders 99.99% of the time, it works perfectly well!

  4. I love your quilt!!

    I am with you in trying to deal with imperfection in a better way. Trying to remind myself that if we were all perfect, it would likely be boring. Wouldn't we lose a lot of our uniqueness?

  5. Oh dear I do hope Annie has recovered, funnily enough it's the imperfect and wonky holidays the kids remember most. Often perfection just slides on by as a little bit dull really! It is hard to overcome perfectionism and not let it rule your life, but so liberating when you can finally do it!

  6. I echo Miriam's thoughts - Sounds like a good holiday overall, and hope Annie is feeling better xx

  7. I echo Miriams thoughts too...I think your quilt is amazing, so much to look at and enjoy let alone being useful for keeping warm. I hope both the children are ok now.

  8. I completely agree with Miriam too. Hugs from France.,baukje


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