Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Not just a pile of quilts, it's a pile of love.

This pile of quilts can tell a lot of stories really.
At the bottom is an old quilt I made when Reuben was tiny and used to nap
in the afternoons. It's the second quilt I made once I had a rotary cutter
and it's worn soft and cosy with years of use.

There's a Christmas quilt, quite fresh and new
ready for the Christmases of the future.

There's the quilt I made for David's mum and quilted myself on my friend's LAQ machine.
Nana is in a rest home now and doesn't need it,
so it came back to live at our house.

There's a quilt made from scraps.
Scrap quilts are my favourite, they are like a photo album
of many different quilts I made. 

There's a quilt with embroidered tags,
also worn and faded. It's been a picnic rug, a play tent on many occasion
and been snuggled under on the sofa on countless occasions.

There's a quilt I made from using some fabric Chrissy gave me the day she left home,
and a quilt I made with hearts that I blanket stitched on
that we have had on our bed on and off for years.

There's a quilt I made for David one Christmas
and I sewed the binding on while he sat beside me
and he never noticed what I was doing!!

There's a kantha quilt that used to live in the caravan,
a quilt made from David's old shirts
and a quilt I made for David using tea towels from a client of his.

It might look like an ordinary pile of quilts.
But it's the story of our life.

Quilts made while battling the system for a special needs kid,
quilts made when our city was being shaken over and over again,
quilts made as life goes on, kids come and go.
Quilts for holidays, celebrations and hard times.

Our household is undergoing a period of change
and one thing I know is that a pile of quilts sewn with love and care,
will provide comfort and continuity wherever they end up.

It's not just a pile of quilts,
it's a pile of love and memories.


  1. How true!! I love how you wrote scrap quilts are like a photo album of all the quilts you have made. I was telling a non quilter about my professional quilting business and she said what many non quilters say :'so how many quilts do you need anyway?' many as it takes! Quilts ARE love, they say love when cuddled under, when given as a gift..........we all need at much love as we can get!

  2. and I could say of you - she's not just a woman she's a powerhouse of love xxx

  3. All beautiful your quilts of love! Just imagine what memories they hold for David and the children. Someday (may it not be soon) Annie Rose will be telling her grandchildren the stories in these quilts.

  4. I love your quilts Deb, you have such a gift in you for making these amazing pieces that speak so much about who you are.
    I love the history, the love and how each one tells its own story xox


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