Monday, March 9, 2015

All endings are also beginnings...

Things are about to change forever in the Robertson household
and it is hard hard times.
After 22 years of loving and living with David,
its time for each of us to find our own path, we are separating.

On Saturday, the children and I are moving into a worn, tired house
and we are going to make it into our home.
This is such a big scary thing for me to do.
I left home the day I married David and we have done everything together
for a very long time, but now I have to do things by myself.

I'm still trying to get fit after having my hip replaced and now 
I have to learn how to maintain and look after this house,
I have to remember to put out the rubbish bins myself.
I have to organise and corral the children to where they need to go,
and I'm going to continue my full-time studies to finish my degree this year.

I don't regret the last 22 years, we worked well together,
we have four lovely children and we have achieved so much
through some really tough times.
I'll always love David and care deeply about him and his well being.

I have spent hours in the last few weeks, 
sorting and packing and separating out what feels like a lifetime
of things we accumulated together.
I've put a lot of thought into making the process easier for the family
and to ensure that after we move out on Saturday
that this house still feels like home to David and the children when they stay.

I feel sad and disappointed that we couldn't make this work,
I never imagined a time when I would make this decision.
I know that it is going to be hard, it is already hard,
but I am going to move forward step by step,
I know that I can do hard things and this is just another one of them.

It's the end of one chapter,
and the start of another one.