Thursday, March 26, 2015

I'm a strong person. But every now and then I would like someone to take my hand and say everything will be alright.

So we are getting towards the end of the second week of our new normal
and we know from our earthquake experiences
that it only takes a few weeks for the new normal to feel normal.
We are managing pretty well on the face of it,
everybody is getting off to work, school and study
breakfasted, in clean clothes after a good night's sleep.

We've almost succeeded in getting the right wheelie bins out for rubbish
and recycling and solved the problem of the disappearing dog
with some plastic netting and cable ties.
The list of things we need is getting shorter
and we can mostly find the things we do have when we want them.

Our house is made of weather boards 
and has nice timber floors and some character features 
that make it endearing to us, especially with our mishmash
of old, thrifted, hand-me-down and found furniture.

The responsibility of being the sole adult in the house
(apart from James the almost-adult)
is an interesting one. I'm learning once again,
that I can do hard things and that is good.

It is a huge balancing act I'm finding,
with almost full time parenting and full time study.
I'm tired to my very bones.
We are on the last two crazy crazy weeks of the term,
rushing full tilt with assignments, exams
mixed with harvest festivals, fundraising events and shared lunches.

I feel like I'm always one step away from tears.
But there is no time to waste on that,
there is always another thing to do,
one foot in front of another.

It's going to be better, isn't it?