Thursday, April 23, 2015

On being spread thin....

Life is busy isn't it,
parenting, studying, working;
sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming.

The other day after hours of work and driving back and forth across town,
I came home all talked out,
and with a wee bit of time before dinner
I pulled out a bunch of scraps and partially started blocks
and spent some time with them.

The thing about being spread thin is that you have to be careful not to break,
not to get so worn out and over things
that the littlest happening will set off a reaction.

For me the process of sewing these random bits together
was soothing and restorative somehow
and even though the result is a bit ugly,
it's cheerful and once I've quilted it, 
will be perfectly fine to snuggle under in the dark!!!

If only all my problems could be solved so easily!