Friday, May 8, 2015

Learning to ask for help...

Sometimes we have to do things over and over again
before we learn the lesson that the universe is teaching us.
Call me a slow learner if you like,
but this is definitely my experience.

Currently I'm learning that as much as I want to do ALL THE THINGS,
sometimes I have to leave some till tomorrow,
or even sometimes, I have to ASK FOR HELP.

Last year when I was struggling I read a blog post by my friend Mike.
He wrote a post called "how to survive a life attack"
which is filled with helpful information.
The bit that resonates the most with me is where Mike talked
about asking someone taller for help.

I find this ridiculously difficult to do.
Mostly because first you have to tell someone
that things are not going so well.

This is the hardest thing in the world for me to do,
to actually say, I need you to help me because I can't do this.

Right now it's nearly time for dinner
and the house is a mess.
The kids are running feral somewhere and I'm so tired there are tears behind my eyeballs.
I've make a powerpoint for an assignment today,
taken the kids to help with the river clean up.
I've worked on all the projects I need to for my day job.

Maybe, just maybe I'll go and round up all those kids
and give them some jobs and together we can finish this day.

Asking someone taller is not necessarily about height,
it's not actually just about getting the job done.

Asking someone taller for help is about acknowledging to someone else
that you need help and it is about asking them to come along side you
and the two of you can work together to get through stuff.