Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dear Travis

I read the story you posted on Facebook yesterday and I felt sick to my stomach to read again of people who use their beliefs to subject others to humiliation and pain.

I once belonged to the church. I grew up believing that women were inferior, my intelligence was questionable, my personality was flawed that that I had to accept any kind of abuse because the church said so. I was told it was the church's job to break me and they did.

It is probably because of my experiences in the church, that I am filled with rage at the injustice being met out to people because of their sexual orientation. I suppose in some small way I understand what it is to feel the wrath of the church. I can empathize.

I wish with all of my heart that I could fix this problem, but it is too enormous. However I refuse to do nothing. Did you know that the Nazis were in power from 1933, 7 years before WWII, and yet nobody stopped what was going on to the Jews, the disabled and others.

I for one will stand up. I'm teaching my children that love is love. We discussed at the dinner table, the courage of Caitlyn. Travis, I am a nobody, but I promise you that I will always speak up to defend your right to equality and acceptance. I will always speak out even if it costs my friends, I will write, I will talk, I will encourage and yes, I will pray.

I believe if all of us nobodies speak out, we can make a difference, we can create a space for acceptance and we can slowly effect change in those around us.

Travis, you are a brave, smart amazing man. I'm so proud to call you my friend. I can't solve this problem, but I can tell you that I am beyond sorry for all the injustice and hurt. Please accept that just because I believe in God, that those who would do you harm, do not in any way represent me.

Be who you are Travis, you are achieving greatness.

Much love
deb xox

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  1. Deb, this is exceptionally well written and I applaud and agree... love is love.


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