Friday, June 19, 2015

What does success look like anyhow?

The semester is over at last. 
A semester which began with the end of my marriage,
carried on through the sorting, the shifting out,
and the settling in. It ended with some new challenges.

Little Annie had four seizures this semester 
and was finally diagnosed with epilepsy.
She began medication a few weeks ago.

Reuben waged war with his regular foes,
but they got the better of him
and we are working with his Psychiatrist to make changes for him
(he agreed I could write about this).

All in all, it feels like too many things to deal with
over too short a time.

Amazingly we have got through all of this pretty intact.
The house is tidy, the meals are all home made
and the laundry is up to date.

There have been lots of early nights in this house.
lots of cups of tea and stories read.
Lots of homemade puddings to cheer us all up. 

The things that really matter,
like eating dinner together and listening to each other
these things have happened.

This is what success looks like in our home,
and I'm pretty sure I've passed all my papers too.

Here's to next semester and everything getting a little bit easier.


  1. Bon courage et je t'embrasse,

  2. P.s. Success isn't something you see, it's something only you can feel!

  3. I remember when my daughter in elementary school had to interview a successful person and she chose me! We had this whole discussion about what success actually means. I don't feel successful in eyes of world but I know I am successful in the eyes of my family and God.
    In those terms, you are successful as well. Continue counting your blessings.

  4. Well, when it rains it pours, eh? I could follow that with something about flowers but I won't. Only you can measure your success. Sometimes a bit of downtime reading, snuggling and eating pudding are what's needed to fuel the next part of your life, enjoy it. Blessed Be, dear Deb, Annie and Rueben.

  5. Thinking of you and sending love and hugs into the universe. You are an amazing role model for your children.

  6. Road bumps are part of life, but what matters is how you deal with them and you definitely deal the best way. Hope R makes progress with the psychiatrist and that Annie's medication works, and don't forget to look after yourself as well as everyone else in the family. Hugs from across town

  7. Deb, I'd say your definition of success is spot on! Some days success for me is getting out of bed, ha!

  8. Such beautiful photos! Your quilt is absolutely lovely (as are the shoes in the last photo - I love them!). You sound as though you are managing exceptionally well - thanks for sharing.

  9. Well done Deb. Success can be measured in many different ways and at so many different levels. I think it is a personal thing for each of us but from where I sit on the outside I would celebrate your success because you are growing stronger each and every minute of the day. You are coping with the speed bumps in the road and I look at the smile on Annie Rose's beautiful little face and I know for sure you are succeeding. xx

  10. Amazing! What a load you have had to deal with! A beautiful quilt, quilting always takes my mind away from my troubles.

  11. You have such a amazing capacity for keeping on going Deb - hope the semester break brings you rest and relief xxxx

  12. Deb!!! So much aroha to you and your littles xxxxxx

  13. Wow, what a massive term - and Oh Annie! And Oh Deb!
    I salute you, because you can Do Hard Things - and I find myself using those words to myself.
    If you can, then I can too.
    Love you Deb.

  14. Life certainly has been throwing rocks at you and your family. I think your courage and ability to keep on going is quite amazing. Lots of love to you all.

  15. I'm following you and I believe in you. These stormy times will lead to calmer shores. Before you even realize it! You've kept your family intact and cozy. I admire you.

  16. Massive - but you did it! Hope you can get back to just being for a little while... as much as possible. We dont know what we can do until we are forced to... and you did and you survived. Love and hugs xx


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