Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"It's not all sunshine and roses, but a good amount of it actually is"

The really good thing about hitting absolute rock bottom,
is that things can only get better. 

As a smart man called Adam says, it's all going to be ok.

Every day is a new day to keep right on trying,
and that's the whole point.

I'm kinda glad it's winter,
and we can hide huddle under quilts
and legitimately hibernate. 

We can eat hot soup for dinner
and only have one pot to clean at the end.

We can meet a friend for coffee in a cafe
and warm up by a heater that someone else is paying for.

We can make plans for the spring,
and watch as the evenings get slowly stay lighter for longer.

The thing about rock bottom is that while you are there,
you find out that its ok to just be in that space for a while,
you don't have to fight it,
as Pooh Bear said once....

sometimes I sits and thinks
and sometimes I just sits. 

It's all going to be all right in the end.
Spring will come. Times will change. It's going to be ok.

Adam sent me the cute
things from his shop.
You should visit it.


  1. It is going to be ok! Big hugs xx

  2. So lovely. Just LOVE this. Lean into it. YES! I've learnt that too! xx

  3. I have no idea what is going on in your life, I browsed your blog try to find what has hurt you so and could not find it. But I know the last two years have been so hard on you and your are hard on yourself, so you are in my prayers for a better and happier life. And your paths to straighten.

  4. Hi. I am in Christchurch, (from Coromandel), until August 18th. I'd love to meet you and make contact with local quilters. any ideas are helpful. We are staying in the Wainoni/Lnwood area. Ph 027 272 6798 or email

  5. Deb , this post made me think about the day we met in Borders reading magazines. What a fabulous day that was. It was okay to chat, to coffee and looks at their magazines and books, it was okay. Whether we sat there with a friend or on our own, it was okay. It was easy to accept. As you say times change and soon it will be okay again. I truly hope it will be. xx

  6. Lovely words of thoughts and thinks! Pooh Bear is the best!


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