Thursday, July 9, 2015

This week...


This week I found a beautiful handmade rabbit
at the opshop. It was made in England and somehow made its way out here.
It felt like a gift from the universe especially for me.

This week Annie has been sick with a nasty cold
so there has been plenty of sewing time.
It's so nice to get a few projects done.

This week we have done some fun things
as a family and enjoyed each others company.

This week I went to the doctor
and was treated with kindness and compassion,
given a lecture,  some happy pills and another appointment. 

This week feels like a step forward.


  1. So happy that this week feels like a step forward Deb. Glad you have managed some quality and fun times with your gorgeous all deserve so joy. Hope Annie gets over her nasty cold soon, although she does look like she's made a very cosy nest in your bed! And sewing, well, it certainly is a good anti-stressor!

  2. Lovely rabbit found a loving home! keep warm.

  3. Lets hope it's on the up and up from here. That rabbit is very cute, and I'm glad you went to the doctor.

  4. Thinking of you often and glad there is joy and alight ahead xxx

  5. Sending you lots of love, hope Annie feels better soon and that your forward steps get bigger and more frequent xxx

  6. Wonderful to hear things are feeling better this week....what a cute rabbit!!

  7. Deb, the best of us need happy pills to help us pull through periods that are tough. It's a big step to take to ask for help, or to put yourself in a position where it is suggested... Your future is bright, I can tell that much already. I think it's cos even in your darkest posts there are little rainbows x


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