Thursday, August 27, 2015

Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it [confucius]

I have to say that I've done a lot of learning this year.
I'm learning where my limits and boundaries are
and how to make them work for me.

It's not a pretty process, but its a good and healthy one.

Sometimes I find myself making the same mistake over and over,
but I'm learning to take a step back and see how I could change something
and how I can make it work.

And even the ugly parts are still part of my story and that is ok too.

I started this quilt with high hopes and then realised that I'd made a mistake and the background was too busy. I kept on and finished it, because #uglyquiltsstillkeepyouwarm but now that it is done, I've kind of fallen for its quirkiness. It's ugly for sure, but I sewed a lot of myself into this quilt, I sewed it while I say with Annie when she was sick, I sewed it in the car and on the couch. I sewed it with friends and by myself. It represents a pretty ugly period of my life, but one that I feel sure I'll look back at and realise there was beauty there too.

My life is a bit like this quilt, a funny mix of very broken parts
and very good parts. And I think that 
my task is to make them somehow work together.

For me I find it too easy to slide back into a passive role in my own life
and just let things steam roll over me.

But this year I am definitely learning to be brave
and to make changes so that things work out better for my family
and for myself.

 The children and I have been dealing with a lot of very hard things,
but inspite of this, we have managed to create a very tight family unit.
We have each other's backs
and we have learned to be strong for each other.

There's a lot of love in my house
and that is so precious.


  1. Good for you! Quilts sure can represent our life's. Great photo on the side of the rustic building.

  2. Far out you're going through a lot! I haven't been doing much blog reading in year or so.. finally catching up.. big changes for you. Wow. YOu seem to be still using your amazing creative energy to get through. More power to you. x

  3. Great amazing and beautiful things come from hard times places and often where it seems unlikely... True for nature, true for life and true for people - and true for you and yours! Hang in there with your precious family lovely lady xx

  4. Ugly.? That is gorgeous , I would give it house room any day just for being quirky

  5. I don't think it is ugly at all.

    I have a cross-stitch that I keep stuffed in a drawer that I can't look at yet because it was done at a very dark time in my own life. It actually frightens me a little when I look at it because I was in such a bad place and didn't realize it. We need these things like quilting and cross-stitch. They are like meditations. Each stitch... one at a time... staying in the moment. There is beauty in the process.

  6. I so admire you Deb. What a lot you and your children have been through this year and still you soldier on - onward and upward. I love your quilt and certainly can't see where it is ugly. The centre is so interesting and the surrounding large bloom fabric is great- colourful and eye catching. It will be well used in your house I'm sure, as a warm hug and a colourful corner in whichever room it's housed.


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