Sunday, August 2, 2015

On friendship....

Recently I went to Auckland to stay with Cat.
Over the last five years, Cat has been teaching me
through her example,
what it means to be a good friend.

I'm actually socially quite reserved until I get to know you,
and Cat told me recently that the first time we met,
she thought I didn't like her.

Makes me wonder how many other people think this about me.
When the answer is that I don't like myself much
and struggle to see why someone would want to be my friend.

But Cat really does know how to be a good friend.
She messages you when she knows that your life is shit,
and when it's going well.

She knows how to laugh with you and cry with you.
She also can tell you when you are just being pathetic.

Being friends with Cat has made me a whole lot better
about texting people when I'm thinking of them
because I know how good it feels.

Being friends with Cat gives me confidence to tell her my secrets
because she shares her too.

My best friend Shenleigh up and left me a few weeks ago to go to live in Invercargill.
And now I'm having to actually be social with people
which turns out to be a good thing for me!

One of these days, I'm going to be one of those people
who effortlessly rings people up and goes to visit
rather than hides under the quilts and watches Netflix.

I'm pretty sure that until then Cat will keep on 
jollying me along from afar.

Thanks Cat! I love you xoxox


  1. Wonderful you have Cat, she sure is a sweetie! It's tough going when a good friend moves away. best wishes.

  2. Aww so sweet! Cat is lovely AND the first time I met you I liked you! (i knew you liked me ha who wouldn't lol lol)

  3. Same, I've loved the times we spent chatting and my students loved you too. Although I may not comment often, I always smile when your blog comes up in my feed and I enjoy reading whatever you have to say, however you say it!
    And Invercargill? Why!?!

  4. I follow Cat's blog - and yours of course! You are both very loving and caring girls, putting your families first in your lives, hotly followed by friends and their needs. Look at all the quilts you have both gifted to help someone going through a rough patch. Quilty hugs are fantastic. Just as you two are both fantastic. As you say a good friend is always supportive, cheering you on through the good and bad times. So pleased you went up to Auckland to spend time with Cat.

  5. Gorgeous tribute Deb. You have taught me a lot about the kind of friend I want to be, you are endlessly generous, kind, accepting and gentle xxxxx


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