Friday, October 2, 2015

Dear America, [a rant]

Here at the bottom of the globe, we have looked to you. We absorb your culture on our television screens, we watch your movies and we listen to your music. We listen when you tell us what we should think and do, even when it is not in our best interests. We even fight wars because you tell us the cause is just (Vietnam anyone?).

We see you America, as the father of democracy, defender of the defenceless. In places around the world, we know that America does not hesitate to step in and restore peace and order. Our view of you is idealistic, as small nations we want to be like you.

But increasingly it seems, from the outside looking in; that America is losing the plot. We can't even bear to talk about the sick joke that you are considering Trump for president. There are so many conflicting stories and views. There is so much injustice that seems so wrong coming from the land of the free. Why do you judge so harshly on things that matter so little? Like skin colour, ethnicity and the right to marriage for the gay population. I do not understand why a bigoted clerk is given so much air time? It makes me sick to see her picture everywhere. Why are you paying someone like her so much attention? The message you send to the rest of us here in other parts of the globe, is that while you may have given grudging lip service to equality in marriage, clearly you would rather support a stupid woman who thinks she has a right to judge whether someone can get married or not.

Let me tell you, as someone who was judged and a marriage was arranged a long time ago, to judge someone on such a fundamental level, is to call into question the very essence of the person. It makes you feel like a worthless commodity, powerless to change where you are at. To be forced to accept with gratitude something that everyone else takes for granted is demeaning and soul destroying. 

It is beyond time for you to step up America. To deal with the bigots and the ignorant and to really allow freedom for those who step under a rainbow flag.

And then there is the issue of gun control, an oxymoron if ever I heard one. Seriously America, are you looking at yourself? can you not see that you are allowing your own people to be killed on a weekly basis. What in the world is this right to bear arms you are talking about? it makes no sense. It seems more like, you are fighting for the right to murder each other. Why is this so important to you.

Apart from the fact that your mothers, your fathers, your children are being killed for no good reason, think about how this looks from afar. Here at the bottom of the globe, we have looked up to you like a big brother. But now we see weekly on our television screens lives being torn apart because yet another person has decided to solve their own personal problem with a gun. How can the land of the free, the fighter for democracy be so inept when it comes to dealing with this IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY. 

A wise man once said, take the plank out of your own eye before you take the splinter out of your brothers eye. It is impossible to feel any kind of respect to you when it seems you have no respect for your own. How can we follow in your steps, when it seems you have fallen off the path?

Here in other parts of the world, insignificant and voiceless; how can we help you America? Will you listen to our voices? We are crying for you, our hearts are breaking and yet it seems your own hearts are hardened to the crisis within your own country. What will it take for you to change? Do you even care what the rest of us think about you?

If this was our own country, we would be able to work together to find a solution. But this is your problem, and you need to deal with it. How many more children need to die before you do? The power is in your hands. The rest of the world will support and encourage you, but you need to take the steps to change the culture that will fight harder for the right to bear guns than it will for the right for children to go to school safely.

If you truly see yourself as the greatest country on earth, then you need to make sure that your citizens can live their lives in safety. Otherwise from the outside looking in, America is fast becoming a sick joke. Remember what was important to you in the beginning and fight for that.

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses, yearning to breath free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.
 Author: Emma Lazarus


  1. Rest assured, dear Deb, that the joke is not lost on most - or at least many of - us Americans. I am an open-minded, liberal, anti-gun, pro-womens' rights, rainbow flag-waving person who is lost in a sea of red (the color used to designate conservative states). My state, Utah, while filled with many wonderful people, seems to hold a very conservative view of the world. Like you, I cannot fathom the worship of guns and gun rights. The very thought is repugnant to me. And I don't want to hear about mass murders caused by gun owners. Let's focus on the victims and their families, not the depraved individuals who are angry and want their 15 seconds of infamy.

    All I can do, I do. I volunteer for good causes, I vote my heart and campaign for candidates with the moral views. I donate money to those causes where I can and engage in civilized debate when the opportunity presents itself.

    And yes, I fully realize Donald Trump is a joke (hear that, Texas?) like you, I cannot understand how any rational individual can take him seriously. Or take seriously any of the extreme right-wing religious zealots and Tea Partiers. They want us to think like them and try to shove their various views and agendas down our throats. They seem to forget that America was founded on personal liberties - to worship OR NOT as we choose. ....but now I'm getting off on a tangent.

    Sensationalizing the negative things falls squarely on the media. They think it's what we want to hear. But it isn't. I refuse to listen to or watch - or in any way feed into that mentality. Others need to do likewise, or we will never make a difference.

    I'm one person, and I am trying. And I know there are thousands of others out there like me. Don't give up on us!

  2. Well said, Cathy!!! Like you, I am one person doing my best and voting every time .... but in a country as big as ours, change seems to take a very long time. Sadly, our media spends a lot of time on drama and chooses to display the worst of our country (most of the time)..but there are good, generous, loving people here too...and we just need to keep pushing forward.

  3. Very well written and oh so thought provoking.

  4. America is a huge country....I mean huge and it has many and varied points of view residing within. Politics is engineered by electerol boundaries and a non compulsory voting system. Actually if you want to read a book that explains a little more about some of the issues you have raise may I suggest "Philomena" I picked up this book thinking it was going to be a story about an Irish mother seeking her natural child who was sent to the US.....instead I got an amazing insight to a GAY MAN'S influence and infiltration on the political system. Read it and you may understand a bit more about how complex and multi levelled the US is. Don't judge the many on the actions of a few, we all have politics and policies that damage marginal people. We still have shootings and guns here in Australia even though we have tough gun laws, I am no apologist for the gun lobby just saying that even with all the best laws people, will still find a way to commit atrocities of some sort.
    I agree with the frustrations you are feeling Deb and I understand how many many Americans feel the same way.

  5. Living in the middle of the USA I can truthfully say I have often thought of leaving. My countrymen often do not use the two brain cells they seem to have to consider any side but the one radicals wish for them to hear. We no longer have a democracy (actually we never had a democracy but a republic) we now have a oligarchy. A government run by special interest groups, lobbyists and big money does not listen to anyone but those special groups. (Like the NRA flouting the Second amendment to oppose gun control, or big oil to damage the environment .) I was so pleased for my Gay friends and family who could now marry and have the rights afforded to a spouse by law without having to travel from home. But idiots are continuing to cause difficulty beyond the granting of licenses (by the way she should have been fired immediately!) just as they do for persons of color or women. Most days I am ashamed to be an citizen of the United States. Things must change. There is a grass roots effort on-going (as well as a Constitutional amendment against the Citizens United super pac) to change election rules to prevent big money from having so much power in politics. I think this is the first step and really hope that it is successful so that government will begin to listen to citizens again. It's very upsetting, very frustrating and very worrisome.

  6. Well said. America is very confusing to me - they have produced so many wonderful ideas, but also so many terrible ones.

  7. Oh Deb, I hear ya! I can't understand why they aren't doing anything about gun control. I mean, when the Port Arthur massacre happened here in Tassie a few years back there was a gun amnesty and a LOT of guns (mainly farm rifles) were handed in. Easy. Why can't they do that? If they think people will be reluctant then why not have a buy back campaign or something, anything.

  8. I hear you, as an American. It's not good in my eyes either.

  9. Beautifully put. As an Australian I agree with all that you have said.

  10. Beautifully put, the lives of innocents should be weighed far ahead of the right to bear arms.

  11. Great rant! I had a similar one the other day after the last incident... it is mind boggling :(


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