Monday, October 12, 2015

sometimes the hardest part isn't letting go but rather learning to start over

Last weekend I feel like we moved every single item
in our house at least once.

In the course of this we found yet another basket of scraps
(free to a good home, comment below if you want them)
and this unfinished project.

This is the project that I was making at the time of the Christchurch earthquakes.
It is for my cousin Fiona, who has been patiently waiting for it for the last 
five years. (I sincerely hope she forgot she was getting it).

On the 21 February 2011, I clearly remember sitting on the sofa
after dinner (it was Reuben's birthday)
watching the most spectacular sunset and stitching on this quilt.

Of course the very next day everything turned to custard
and I never ever picked it up again.

I don't really know why. 
Maybe there is something in that saying about getting back on the horse,
there might be some psychological reason that I don't really know.

Anyway, I pulled it out and looked at it,
and technically I could finish it.

But my heart isn't in it anymore. I've moved on.

So here it is, sitting on the trolley of things that need to go somewhere,
does anyone want to finish it?? I'll post it anywhere in the world.
Everything is there except the pattern
(which I borrowed from someone and lost)
but you can easily figure it out.

I'm going to start again and
I'm going to buy a whole lot of cat fabric
and make Fiona a quilt she will love and I will love making.

I think there is some life lesson here
about letting go of things that make you feel sad
and embracing the way things have changed;
but I'm too tired to process it right now (#studentproblems)


  1. xxx I'd love to finish another quilt for Christchurch xxx

  2. Cat it's yours, perhaps you should finish it as your Christchurch quilt

  3. I'm sure there's some life lesson too but more than that I'm sure you're right to cut yourself (pun!!) some slack and let it go. Love xxxx

  4. It looks like it will be beautiful once Cat finishes it. I find lots of inspiration in these words and I'm pretty sure you hit the nail on the head! xxxx

  5. Deb, I would love your scraps! Perhaps u could choose some fabrics you like from my stash in return? And of course I'm local, plus it's high time we met! Andrea :-)

  6. You can do it. You are doing it. You are surviving. I do hope things feel better for you soon xx

  7. Can I quilt it for you Cat?? Best wishes Debxx

  8. I had a quilt like that. I was working on it when my daughter decided to take an OD (not fatal). Needless to say that quilt had a lot of tears spilt over it, prayers uttered over it, and I couldn't keep it. Sometimes the memories associated with objects are just too overwhelming. I eventually finished the quilt, and gave it to that same daughter. She is much better now, time heals and all that.

  9. Letting go isn't failing you know (or is that just me?)

  10. It's good to move things on if you no longer have the heart to keep them. - or in this case, finish making them. Years ago I did a Seminole Quilt workshop and put together a single bed sized lilac and turquoise quilt. I got as far as sandwiching it ready for quilting then decided I didn't like the colours, didn't like the design, it just didn't thrill me. So it was put away in the cupboard where it languished for many years. During a clear-out( always good for the soul) I un-sandwiched it, re-used the batting and backing in other projects and donated the top and all the scraps and part-finished blocks to a friend who spends her time making Project Linus quilts. From my one quilt she made two completely different, really pretty Linus quilts. Everyone benefitted!


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