Monday, October 5, 2015

Trusting the Process

When I make a quilt, I don't do any quilt maths. (I'm dyslexic, it's beyond me.) I don't work out if I have enough fabric, or how many squares I need. I just put together a pile of fabrics I like and cut up all the fabric and then sew it all together. This is how I often end up with an auxiliary quilt or two (or three).  I have made a lot of quilts now and I guess I know how to eyeball the pile and know it will work out. And if it turns out too small, I just cut some more. If it turns out too big, I make two quilts. No problem.

At the moment my life is pretty stressful, with school holidays plus the end of semester. I do not have exams, but just essay after essay after essay. Throw in a few curve balls on top of that, and melt down is inevitable. Today was not a good day. I was writing an essay till the early hours of this morning and then had an early lecture. Tears may have been shed.

During the day I suddenly remembered a project I cut out last year and started. But I made a mistake with the dimensions (I thought I would sew half rectangle triangles. There must be some trick to it) and it got put aside. The solution popped into my head and so at lunch time I dragged it out and realised that it would work. I pressed and cut the rest of the fabric in my study breaks today and then after dinner I sat down at the machine and sewed for a couple of hours.

By bedtime I had a simple quilt top put together. I did not lay it out before I sewed. I just picked up rectangles and sewed them together. Then I sewed those pairs in pairs and so on until I had strips and then I sewed the strips together. I didn't even press the thing and I definitely didn't pin it. I didn't look at the finished top until I had finished pressing it and then I laid it on the floor.

It turned out just right. The dimensions are right, there was just enough fabric. There are only a handful of the animal print rectangles left over because I had the feeling there was quite a lot in the pairs I sewed.

I am sure that I could have laid out the whole quilt before I started and made sure the fabric placement was right. I definitely could have pressed as I went, pinned and made it all perfect. But today I was simply sewing because I enjoy the simple act of sewing and I wanted to stop worrying about life for a while.

I've learned to trust the process and know it will turn out all right.

Now if I could just apply that same principal to the rest of my life, I'd be sweet!


  1. Beautiful quilt Deb! Praying that you will have peace and rest in the midst of your difficult time. Hugs friend.

  2. You work much like myself on all fronts.

  3. You work much like myself on all fronts.

  4. Just keep swimming - a minute at a time. the end is so very near! thinking of you and am sure things will work out just like this quilt did xx

  5. I just want to remind you how precious you are Deb, how many people are cheering you on from the sidelines even if you can't hear us all the time. Also in a month or so you are going to wake up one morning with no more essays to submit, with both your babies at school for the day - on that day you need to take a slow walk in the sunshine, indulge in a magazine and sew to your hearts content. You know, just press pause on a day and live right in the midst of it. Looking forward to that day for you xxxx

  6. I tend to be much the same with cutting out fabric - I decide what basic idea I want and then go to town cutting and building, cutting and building, realising I have waaay too much or sometimes not enough. And don't ask me how many metres of binding I have in my scraps bin because I've forgotten that I've doubled the actual amount I need. LOL
    Remember that this too shall pass, that the never ending essays will be done, eventually, and you will have your degree!


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