Saturday, October 10, 2015

why love is like shallots

A long time ago I read somewhere
that love is like shallots, you just keep dividing it
and it keeps right on going.

Over the years I've found its true,
it seems that the heart has limitless potential to love others, its a wonderful thing.

This weekend we rearranged our home and split up those shallots,
and moved in an incredibly nice young man
who needed somewhere to call home for a bit.

It is the best feeling in the world to say yes,
yes there is room in our home for you,
yes you can be part of our family,
yes yes yes.

It might be a tiny bit inconvenient,
but actually it is completely worth it.

Plus it is Annie's dream come true to share a room
(and a bed) with me. Christchurch post-earthquake children
are far more clingy that their older counterparts
and it seems you cannot give them enough reassurance.

So now our home is filled with big boys
and we don't mind a bit.

I love to listen to their stories,
I love to hear about their day.

I love to see the way they interact with each other
and I appreciate how polite they are with the younger children and I. 

I think I am the most uncool person around,
but that doesn't seem to matter.

What boys need is someone to listen
someone who isn't judgemental
and someone who doesn't have an agenda of their own.

I'm more than willing to do that.
Plus I'm pretty handy at magicking up a chocolate pudding
and getting a favourite pair of jeans hurried through the wash
and providing a fluffy towel for a hot shower.

Our house is not fancy, but it is a real home.
The welcome mat is always out,
there is always a spare bed (or sofa) somewhere for someone.

After all,
isn't that actually what makes a house a home?


  1. You are a wonderful woman Deb x What makes a home is the people in it

  2. What a lucky young man to join your home. I do miss my big boy now they are gone, luckily we gained a friend of my daughters who needed a home at the same time we had a spare room. Next year will be so quiet, with just the small boy at home.

  3. You are a very kind person, Deb. Lucky lad to find a home with you and your family. Hope he has settled in well.

  4. Wise words! Nice to have the welcome mat out and ready.

  5. How kind and generous of you. Love and kindness makes a home and you obviously have plenty of those

  6. Deb, I long to have your genuine, generous and attractive way of loving people right where they are with such abundance. It is SUCH a gift to the world. You are a world changer right in your little corner of chch. I love and admire you so much xxxx

  7. Such a lovely thing to do, and nice memories for Annie to look back on, the time she shared a bedroom with her mama

  8. It is the people - the love, the warmth the laughter and the tears. isn't human nature and it's limitless bounds amazing? you are awesome xx

  9. Ahhh, you're a wonder. I loves ya xx

  10. I think the young man who you invited into your home is very lucky. You are a very loving person and I bet that is just what he needs right now.


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