Monday, December 14, 2015

pondering on taking a risk on love

 Recently we have had two family weddings to go to.
A wedding is not just an excuse for everyone to get dress up and party. 
A wedding is much bigger than that.

A wedding is a chance for two people to declare their love for each other
in a very public way with their friends and family as witnesses.
You might think that because my marriage ended this year
that I might be more cynical about relationships.

But the truth is I still believe in relationships,
I don't see our 22 year relationship as a failure at all;
it was an amazing success until it wasn't.

And even now David and I are still able to make decisions together,
to parent together and to back each other up.
We can have conversations and laugh together.

It's not always easy but it is going to be fine.

I still believe in the possibility of love.
I have hopes of finding someone who thinks I'm ok,
someone who sees past all the {many} flaws
and chooses to love me anyway.

I have hopes of finding someone who I think is ok,
someone who isn't perfect, but that I can love anyway,
someone I can cherish, someone to laugh and cry with
someone to share life with.

So for the first time in a long time, I was able to go to a wedding
and not think about all the hard work and sacrifice that goes into a relationship
but to listen to the love that the couples had for each other
and to believe in the magic that will get them through those hard times.

Love is more than just a working partnership
it's like a spark of electricity that joins two people.
Love is a risk. When you fall for someone, there is a risk you will be hurt,
that it will end in tears, that they won't love you back. 

But if you take that risk, and they do love you back,
then that is amazing. It is what we dream of.

The kind of love where someone loves you back
 is worth taking a risk for.


  1. Oh, my that is exactly what it is, even in the very bad times one or the other can just give a certain look and suddenly you are at the beginning again and want them with all your heart!! that spark of electricity is what it is, so 38 years later I can still feel it and now he has been gone from me for 20 +months it is still here in my heart and my mind! thank you for stating it perfectly.

  2. Well said, this shows your heart is mending.
    Have a Blessed Christmas.


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