Monday, December 28, 2015

Yeah Army {West Point}

I had the best day today. I met my friends Chris and Leslie
at Grand Central Station and went back with them to the small town of Beacon.

I can't tell you how good it was to finally meet Leslie,
who I have known through blogging for years.

They kindly took me to Walmart, because it's on my list of things in America
that I really wanted to see.
Walmart blew my tiny little mind. It's so big, it's like a altar for capitalism.
It was amazing and sickening. So much stuff you didn't know that you needed.
I brought pyjamas and saw guns in the shop 
(another thing ticked off the list).

But the highlight of the trip (apart from seeing my friends)
was a trip to the West Point Military Academy.
Chris showed me the buildings and best of all told me
the stories and history of the place.

We were standing on the ground where history was actually made.
I am inspired and awestruck.
I particularly liked the story of the chain forged by hand,
designed to stop the ships from coming up the river.
This is the actual chain and I got to touch it.

I loved all the details which are on the buildings and the grounds
and the integration between the function and the preservation of history.

When you look at the buildings from across the Hudson river
they look drab and uninspiring.

But actually that is really a deception 
and part of their fortification. 
Unless you knew, you would not understand the vibrancy
and the significance of what happens there at West Point.

I loved seeing small town America,
the cars, the buildings and the people.

I've stood on a real American porch,
I've eaten pancakes at an actual shiny diner.
I ate a donut from Dunkin' Donuts
and went to Walmart. 

I understand a bit better some of the history 
that makes Americans the way they are.

It was a great day.


  1. I am loving seeing NY through your eyes. Seeing things/places we read about, suddenly they make sense. ie: delis. Look forward to more posts.

  2. So great to be sharing this journey with you Deb x

  3. Love your pictures, this is probably as close to N.Y. as I'll ever get.
    Isn't it exciting see new things. There is still so much stuff right here in Kentucky I haven't seen. Kinda sad now that I think about it. Think I go somewhere this summer for a couple of days. Gee thanks for the idea.
    Enjoy and be safe

  4. Oh my goodness girl! You were right in my neighborhood today - I live about 15 miles north of West Point. And my quilt guild always meets in Beacon, at the public library! It is a small world. I would love to meet you as I have followed you for such a long time … I feel as if I know you a little. I was concerned about you hopping into a car with a stranger - that's a HUGE no-no! But you must have an angel on your shoulder.

  5. I would love to hear you thoughts about why we (Americans) are the way we are! Walmart is not as good as it was in the days before Super Walmart! The old Walmarts had lots more great stuff, and only snacks, not a full grocery store.

  6. Thanks again for telleing us about your NY experience, i love it.

  7. Loving your keen eye in USA. It's mind boggling for a New Zealander to visit. The main thing that struck me was the scale of things when you have a large population.... the infrastructure, the history, the unimaginably populous cities and then the quiet country towns and the space, the huge distances with empty spaces. It all put NZ in a different perspective. I compare the States and NZ as the difference between a huge mansion or major castle and a teeny-tiny dolls house.

    I loved being able to giggle over language differences. That was fun too.

    I think you are quite brave going to New York alone. I would have been nervous just because of the sheer size of the population.



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