Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The land of the free and the home of the brave...

I left my friend Lora's house this morning
and it was 16 hours before I staggered in the door of my apartment tonight.
In fact when I stood in the elevator,
I was so tired I didn't notice it wasn't moving
till a voice asked me which floor I wanted. 

I have absolutely had the best time.
I got to meet John and Patrick
who were so welcoming and kind.

I had a really good time with them,
and John took me all around his favourite parts of his area.
It is the greatest thing to meet someone that you have only corresponded with
and discover that they are truly lovely people in real life.

I have completely fallen in love with the trees in America.
I have taken dozens and dozens of photos of them.
All those slim trunks, so close together,
so sculptural with the light coming through them.
I could look at them for hours.

That's lucky, because the aforementioned train journey
did involve looking at them for hours!!

It is so weird to see that America is actually just like it was
in my Little Golden Books as a kid.
They have the same fire hydrants, the same post boxes
and look, the Sheriff drives the same kind of cars.
The children at school actually do go in those yellow buses
which feature in so many movies.

I also spent a wonderful day with my friend Lora
who I have known and corresponded with for quite a few years now.
We never dreamed we would actually get to meet each other
and we talked each others ears off.

Lora took me on a Great American Adventure.
We went thrifting, we went to Target and Hobby Lobby.
We ate at Chick fil a (it was delicious).
We went to a great outdoors shop called Cabels
and looked at an incredible array of weapons.

I'm so glad that I have been able to spend some time outside of New York,
to see the beautiful countryside
and meet some more people.
I think the best part of travelling is seeing people
in their natural habitat!! 

I absolutely love America.
I truly did not expect to.

But it's lovely. The people are lovely.
The countryside is beautiful.
The architecture is amazing.
It's great. I feel so privileged to have had this opportunity to visit.


  1. Glad you got back safely and had a good time while you were visiting. It was nice meeting you! I hope our paths will cross again.

  2. I'm so glad for this experience for you and it's been great following via your posts x

  3. Thank you for sharing. Great that you loved it!

  4. What a great adventure it was. Take a rest and continue breathing.........

  5. I have enjoyed visiting with you. I'm assuming your stay is coming to an end. Happy that is was a pleasant stay for you. Have a safe trip home.

  6. Can I be 12 and giggle profusely at the line "John took me all around his favourite parts of his area." Trip looked/looks breath taking!


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